Beneful: Complete Nutrition For Growing Dogs

Beneful dog food brand by Purina offers an extensive line of quality products that meet the nutritional demands of dogs at every stage of their development. With a wide variety of products available to address the different life stages of dogs, Beneful makes it easy to meet the dietary needs of your pet.

At the very beginning, Beneful Healthy Puppy supplies all of the nutritional requirements recommended for healthy growth and development. Puppies have specific health needs as their bodies grow and change rapidly in this season of life. Beneful Healthy puppy contains DHA, or Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which aid in brain development and vision function. Protein is the main source of fuel used by your puppy to supply him or her with the energy they need. At over 28% protein Beneful Healthy Puppy meets that demand for a happy, healthy dog.

Some dogs, regardless of age, have an aversion to dry dog food, Beneful Chopped Blends comes to the rescue for these pets! This particular variety of dog food has real meats, grains and vegetables chopped and blended with a delicious sauce to hold it all together for meal even the pickiest eater won’t refuse. Nutritionally balanced for everyday feeding or as an occasional treat.

Beyond a puppy’s regular dietary needs, treats are an important part of a dog’s development and training. The need to chew and be rewarded is especially important to young dogs and puppies. Beneful Baked Delights on Amazon are a great option for puppies and smaller dog breeds. Crunchy enough to satisfy the need to chew, without being too hard for smaller jaws. They come in a wide array of flavors from peanut butter, to apple and bacon to satisfy any dog.

Along the same line as treats are Beneful’s dental chews, Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Chews and Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges don’t just freshen your dog’s breath, but contribute to keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Many pet owners don’t realize that dog’s mouths are susceptible to infections just like human mouths, if left unattended infections can lead to serious health problems. Regular brushing along with chew treats specifically designed to clean and maintain your dog’s teeth and help you avoid an emergency trip to the vet, and as an added bonus your dog will be happier for it!



A Look at The Achievements and Contributions of Ricardo Guimarães of BMG


Many companies have not been able to achieve their goals mainly due to lack of proper execution strategies. Most importantly, failure to embark on a shrewd marketing procedure could lead to total failure for a company. These are some of the things Ricardo Guimarães of BMG has risen to address. Ricardo Guimarães is a leading business professional with a clear educational background that places him at a better position to manage and run a bank. For more than five years, he has worked as the president of BMG, a top bank in Brazil. His leadership has been keen on ensuring all aspect of implementation are catered for. In this regard, Ricardo Guimarães has supported the implementation f the bank’s corporate social responsibility.

In a recent article via, Ricardo Guimarães states that they have signed a new contract with Marcelo Melo, a popular tennis player in Brazil. The partnership will allow the company to sponsor the athlete to the next competitions, which will happen in 2016. Ricardo Guimarães is also happy to have been able to direct and man many other such projects in the past and the success they have recorded from these efforts has been far reaching.

In a bid to market themselves, BMG has embarked on offering support for community projects that can help to make life better. This has cemented the relationship between the public and the bank. Ricardo Guimarães has been especially keen on matters that regard the development of talents. They have launched various projects where they have offered support for the growth of talents. BMG, through the help of their able leaders has managed to sponsor various football clubs within Brazil. The company has been listed among top firms that have devoted to seeing the conservation of the environment is upheld.

Just like they have channeled money to support football teams, BMG has devoted some money to ensure Marcelo Melo receives the best kind of support. This includes monetary support as well as in kind support, which goes to ensuring the company achieves its goals by molding the athlete to n internationally recognized professional. Ricardo Guimarães has also stated that they may consider the player for more projects in future and they are confident he will be able to emerge successful in the forthcoming competitions. This offers encouragement to other companies to consider supporting the young population to achieve their goals and plans.

Contact a Representative of Handy Home Cleaning Services Today and Set Up an Appointment to Take Advantage of a Great Deal!

Are you looking to take advantage of a company that is always eager to provide you with cleaning services that are sure to drastically improve the quality of your life, living space, overall health and happiness? If so, then you may have found it a difficult task to find a company that has truly developed itself a well-reputed name through providing optimal services of providing work that enables a homeowner to live in absolute immaculateness. If this seems to sound all too familiar to you, then please do not hesitate to read further.

Handy Home Cleaning Services is a company that has built itself a solid reputation through providing some of the best services in the cleaning sector of businesses. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of cleaning companies who claim to provide optimal services for arriving at immaculate conditions of home properties, however, their actions and work have proven otherwise. By choosing Handy Home Cleaning Services, you can have assurance in knowing that your home will be fully cleaned from top to bottom.

When it comes to cleaning a home on, one mistake many homeowners and even “experienced” cleaning companies make is simply going through said property to sweep and mop, neglecting the process of wiping everything down. Handy Home Cleaning Services does not make this same mistake. They assure their clients that every bit of grime, dirt and dust particles will be wiped down from walls, corner areas and counter tops prior to working on cleaning the ground. It is an essential necessity to do this as there are no doubts about the fact that dirt and dust particles tend to fall to the bottom from the top once they make their way into one’s home and/or accumulate over time due to not maintaining the premises through regular instances of cleaning. By contacting one of Handy on crunchbase professional representatives, a client can set up an appointment at a time of their greatest convenience. Not only that, they can even take advantage of an opportunity that enables them to receive a free quote after a quick inspection. If this is a deal that you would like to take advantage of, please do not hesitate to contact them today.

You will quickly notice how much easier and enjoyable life is upon deciding to take the initiative of keeping your home clean. Not only will you have the opportunity of living in an immaculate environment, but you will also have a great amount of confidence in knowing that you are doing everything within your means to not only retain its current appraisal value, but also of potentially seeing an increase in it for the future. Make the right choice of home maintenance today and contact a representative today!


Health insurance is not just an option these days; in many cases, it’s become a necessity. So it goes without saying that you really need to take some time with your choices. Some companies will appear to be a good choice on the surface; and yet, underneath it all the insurance is not that great. So it makes sense to do some investigations prior to making your choice. We sat down recently with a rep from Nobilis Health. He was kind enough to put out some things to look for when doing your search. “We here at Nobilis see this kind of thing all the time. We see everything from the simple to the complex when it comes to patients and their health insurance. Make no mistake, it can be a rather daunting task to actually sit down and do the research; but, it will help to alleviate some of those common mistakes later on.” Below are some of the suggestions that Nobilis Health was kind enough to point out. 1)Look at the plan itself. Will it meet your needs? Some plans will add in extras, extras that the patient really doesn’t need. So the patient is actually paying for things he/she is not using. This is why we suggest taking a look at the details of the plan. 2)Can you tell the difference between a PPO and and HMO? Will you recognize an EPO plan when you see one. Usually, the EPO plan will encompass aspects of both the PPO and the HMO. This is why it’s good to know what each is about. Some plans will only help you out to a certain point. Some plans will expect you to cover the bulk of the visits. Factor this in before you sign up. If you aren’t going to handle the costs, you might need to investigate into something more suitable. 3)Another thing patients need to think about are the referrals. Referrals are a big part of the insurance industry, only difference is which companies will cover what. Also, think about who you want to see when you go to the office? How many of you already have a set doctor that you go see? Many do. Is this doctor going to be covered within the network, even when it comes to referrals. Many choose a network, then get disappointed when their primary doctor is not included. Please think about this before you sign the papers. Look over the paperwork. See which doctors will have your back. If you are going to go out-of-network for anything, make sure you can cover the costs. Out-of-pocket can get rather expensive. It can get really bad sometimes, depending on which procedures you need done. Think about this. If you can’t cover the costs of a normal visit, how will you when something serious comes up? NOBILIS HEALTH: YOUR GO-TO PLACE FOR ANY AND ALL DETAILS Please go onto our site for Nobilis Health. We have tons of references and tools for your eyes to give a once-over. Our advice, look over our information until you have it memorized. It will make it that much easier to make your choice when the time comes. Our link is down below.

Earth Force is Truly a Force with Jon Urbana

When you think about the youth in today’s society and all of the potential things that they could do wrong, the list starts to add up. Not only are more and more things coming about that influence young people to be apathetic, but if they do get involved in certain acts and groups there is a good chance it can be something counterproductive to their long term growth and development.

All of this is suddenly changing thanks to leaders like Jon Urbana. With Jon’s new campaign to get a group off of the ground there is nothing but hope for the youth as they continue to grow into tomorrow’s leaders, today. The movement is Earth Force, and it is all about teaching young people to get involved and make a difference as soon as possible. Rather than sitting back and just letting things happen in general, there truly is a powerful opportunity for anyone to get off of the couch and learn what it takes to make a difference in their community and the environment. Even if you retweet his messages about campaign donations, you’ll be playing an active role in helping Urbana make a difference.

Jon Urbana is not just a leader, he’s also an FAA-certified airplane operator and has a library of music on Soundcloud for you to download and enjoy. Because of his vision and ability to inspire young people in general, but his ability to do as much as possible truly is something powerful when it comes to leading the next generation and rallying up support on his Instagram page.

As the youth continues to draw inspiration from Jon Urbana, there is not just hope and change for the future, but there is also a significant chance that the differences will be made. In this Slideshare PDF, it becomes evident that Jon may have learned his leadership abilities on the athletic field and he may have honed his craft of inspiration and leadership by coaching up his lacrosse players, but he takes the same fire and intensity to the real world competitions to make a difference. This is what he preaches to his campers at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and it’s the same mentality that won him awards at Villanova.

When you think about the future, you truly have to consider a great deal of possibilities. There are always going to be naysayers and those who cry that the sky is falling. However, you can also make the chance to truly stand up for yourself and others at the same time. Visit Urbana’s website to see how you can help him achieve his $1,750 campaign goal. Jon Urbana has taken that charge and is moving forward with Earth Force.

Susan McGalla Has an Inspiring View of Women in the Workplace

There’s quite a bit of discussion about the glass ceiling these days. It’s a theoretical limit to how far a woman can progress in the businessworld. But while there’s a lot of talk about it, there’s often a lack of discussion from female executives. And this is understandable given that high powered executives rarely have a lot of free time for interviews on somewhat abstract subjects. But some have made a point of making time to talk about the issue. And of these, one of the most articulate and thoughtful is Susan McGalla. She’s the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and has had a great deal of experience within the business world. And that’s left her with quite a bit of advice for women interested in a similar career path.

It’s often best to begin at the very start of one’s path in life. And for most people that means looking into one’s home environment. McGalla herself is usually quick to think back fondly to those early days. She grew up in a household with two older brothers. And if that wasn’t enough males around already, her dad was also a football coach. One might think that’d be an environment to give any young girls some concerns about gender. But the exact opposite was true. Her father was quite firm in raising all his kids to see themselves as people. Not boys and not girls, but just human beings who would win or fail by their accomplishments. McGalla would take this lesson to heart as she decided how to run her life.

The environment of her youth left her with two other important tools for adult life. The first is an overwhelming sense of self. This confidence is arguably the biggest secret to success within the business world. When many people talk about women having a hard time in that world what they’re actually taking about is intimidation. A lot of women grow up being told that they’re working from a disadvantage. It doesn’t take long for that kind of message to become internalized. McGalla was instead told that she could do anything she wanted in life. Niether because or in spite of her gender. But rather she was told she could accomplish anything because she was raised to fight for what she wanted and what she believed in.

This served her well when she was hired on in American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. When she was first hired by them in 1994 she was one of the fewer women in a leadership position. In the time following she’s been credited with being the force behind a huge change in culture within the company. And in many ways within corporate culture in general. And this leads into the other tool which her childhood provided her. She was taught right from the start that if things aren’t right than one should fight to make them that way. But no matter where the drive came from, one thing is certain. Susan McGalla has been a vastly influential force for positive change within the workplace.

Shaygan Kheradpir, from Cornell University to the most prestigious companies in the world

While Mr Shaygan Kheradpir had a very successful career in the United States, he was actually born in London. After spending most of his childhood and his teenage years in Iran, where his dad was practicing as an ENT doctor, he moved to Switzerland to attend high school then to the United States where he was admitted at Cornell University, one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities. This is where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree then obtained his PhD in electrical engineering.

Shaygan Kheradpir started working at GTE at the end of the eighties. It’s in 2000, when GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to become the company known today as Verizon Communications, that his career really took off. He was appointed as the president of the eBusiness Unit then became the chief information officer for Verizon. His capacities in developing new ways to work creatively, his abilities to recruit the best technicians as well as his negotiations with outside vendors to lower the price of the Verizon products to customers were some of they keys of his success.

In 2011, Mr Kheradpir moved to London to join Barclays, a multinational banking and financial services companies, as his chief operating officer then, after being promoted, as a chief of operations and technology officer for the entire bank. Once again, his skills in developing new tools and new softwares to attract more customers were highly praised. Three years later, Shaygan Kheradpir came back to the United States to settle down, in California this time, and to become the CEO of Juniper Networks. This corporation, located in the Silicon Valley, is specialized in networking products. Among its creations, one can find network management softwares, network security products, switches but also routers and other equipment used by Internet service providers. Although he only stayed at Juniper Networks for one year, he significantly increased the benefits of the company, particularly by reducing expenses and buying back stock.

Since the beginning of 2015, Shaygan Kheradpir has joined the management team at Coriant. He first started as an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners before being announced as the CEO and Chairman of Board of Coriant. This multinational company, launched in 2013, sells hardware and software for optical transmission and is a reference in that field across the world. No doubt that Mr Kheradpir’s expertise in technology and engineering will be vital in providing the levels of quality of production needed for new exciting projects for Coriant.

The Undisputed King Of Music Impersonators Embodies The Undisputed King Of Pop

There are many music impersonators who do a good job of capturing some of the attributes of a particular artist. However, in every industry there is always an individual who separates themselves from the rest of the pack and shines as the best in their profession. In the case of impersonators, Sergio Cortes is considered the undisputed champion when it comes to Micheal Jackson impersonators and to impersonators across the board.

Cortes, a native of Spain, is revered worldwide for being a talent who captures the essence, physical characteristics and mannerisms of Micheal Jackson. Impersonation is more than just being a good lookalike, for there are many qualities that a great impersonator must have and Cortes seems to have nailed every attribute of the profession. For example, Cortes has a natural voice and speech pattern that mirrors Jackson’s. Cortes’ body language radiates the warm and compassionate aura that Jackson emanated; in addition, Cortes has captured all of Jackson’s signature dance moves, and Cortes’ facial features and body shape are so similar to Jackson’s that it is hard to discern whether or not you are looking at MJ himself.

The skills that Cortes displays is mesmerizing, for his voice is actually quite comforting and his passion for spreading love and harmony, like Jackson, is genuine and far-reaching. When Cortes steps on a stage to perform Jackson’s greatest hits, Cortes’ fans seem to forget that they are watching an impersonator as they scream, shout and dance as Cortes spins and moon walks across the stage as though he is floating on thin air. When Cortes whips his silky black hair and flicks his wrist with the signature white glove, it makes you want to snap your fingers and stomp your feet to the rhythmic tunes of the late, great pop star.

Cortes may go down in history as the greatest impersonator of all time because unlike other impersonators he captures the essence of Micheal Jackson without making an effort. His facial features, which includes his eyes, lips, jawline, cheekbones and skin tone mirrors Jackson’s in an amazing way. It is hard to believe that two people can look so much a like and that they can share the same talents and personality.

Cortes is praised by critics for being an impersonator who has never had surgery. From the time Cortes was a little boy people were amazed at his striking resemblance to Jackson. We may never witness an impersonator that is as great as Cortes; just like we may never experience the likes of another Micheal Jackson in our lifetime.

Slyce: Why Image Recognition Is Used By Retail Stores

Looking for information about image recognition technology? Wondering why businesses choose Slyce for their image technology needs? Slyce is a highly reputable image recognition technology company. The company comes highly recommended in the industry.

Many businesses and retail stores on use visual search technology because it offers a slew of benefits to clients, customers, and staff. Although there a number of reputable developers of image recognition software or tools, most managers and organization leaders use Slyce technology because the developers are reputable industry professionals.

Slyce provides image recognition tool to various retailers and companies. The app allows people to snap photos with their mobile devices so that they can retrieve pertinent information about certain inventory. This technology has been used successfully over the past several years. Dozens of businesses and retailers are now using the Slyce’s technology.

An image recognition app is designed to capture data and transmits it to certain applications for processing. This procedure helps retailers process their transactions at a faster and reduced cost. Company employees can also utilize image recognition technology when they are on a business travel because the app can file essential reports as well as process insurance claims.

A number of businesses also use this amazing technology to boost customer loyalty and enhance shopping experience. This technology also helps businesses increase their market share as well. Managers can use this technology to extend their services to a huge number of mobile phone users.

Image recognition apps offer many benefits to shoppers too. Over the next several years, more retail businesses will use image recognition technology to significantly enhance their in-store customer service. Businesses will have access to apps that suit their customers.

Certain apps will also make recommendations to regular shoppers. This means, that if a shopper purchases an item from a retailer, the app will display other items that have similar features. Customers can locate different features, such as configurations and colors, for certain items in a store. The apps can also track each product’s specific location in the stores.

Slyce has been rendering outstanding services to businesses for many years, and their image recognition technology is top notch. Many businesses and retailers have relied on Slyce’s technology to increase efficiency and productivity. If you are a manager or business owner, you need to check out this innovative technology that is designed for your success.

To find out more about Slyce and their image recognition technology, simply visit their website and have a look around. You can also contact them if you have any questions or issue you want to discuss. Slyce provides excellent customer support and will respond to your request promptly.

Are Your Writers Ready for Wikipedia? Hire an Expert Instead!

Writing a Wikipedia article is an excellent way to educate the Internet about yourself, your brand, business, or another topic not yet recorded on the Internet’s biggest encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a primary resource for the media, academia, and any other parties who wish to get a better picture of who you are or what your brand is all about.

Before an interview, it wouldn’t be uncommon for the show host to quickly look over your history, credentials, and associated information by Googling your Wikipedia page. This practice has become predominant in the fast-paced world we live in, to the chagrin of academics everywhere. The matter of fact is, Wikipedia is the quickest way to get to know someone or something. With one Google search, anyone can access a generalistic version of the subject.

The dominance of Wikipedia at all levels of the professional world makes it even more crucial for you to take part in the Internet’s most popular information resource. Most businesses get stars in their eyes at the prospect of creating their Wiki page, but they must abide by the site’s guidelines and style guide to create an article that is suitable for display on Wikipedia.

Without a Wikipedia page, you miss out on the credibility that the website lends your brand. At the same time, Wikipedia should not falsely provide credibility for you or your company, and should draw upon factual information. Pages that fully observe the website’s rules and regulations are not only more likely to remain on Wikipedia, but they are more likely to reflect positively on your business as a whole.

Conscientious and ethical Wikipedia writers contribute to a fast-growing collection of information on a daily basis. If your writers are not up to the challenging task of creating an effective Wikipedia page that positively and accurately represents your brand, and follows the stringent policies observed by the website’s administrators, you should consider hiring professional Wikipedia writers to tackle the job. has helped businesses create effective Wiki pages, and back up their services with a guarantee: If you your Wiki page isn’t approved, you will get every cent of your money back! They monitor, translate, and write the kind of Wiki articles that only experts could create. You wouldn’t hire an IT guy to run your marketing campaign, so don’t hire a run-of-the-mill SEO writer to take on Wikipedia. When it counts, you need a team that knows Wikipedia from the inside out!