Jimmy Butler Bets on Self and Wins, Poised for Big Reward

Three years ago Jimmy Butler was a feel good story that just happened to make it to the NBA. Noticias even reported that Butler was a quiet kid in college known almost entirely for his unstable home life and his defensive ability while on the basketball court. Fading in the draft, the Chicago Bulls took a chance on him because he fit the mold of Chicago’s core identity: firm personality and defensive composure. Butler came into the league and basically sat in his rookie season. In year two he got a few digs at the rotation, filling in primarily for an injured Luol Deng. However it was the tail end of last season and all of the 2014-2015 season that saw Jimmy turn into a superstar.

Butler could have resigned to a smaller but safer contract this past season if he wanted to ensure his future pay checks, however it would come at the cost of a potentially bigger pay day. The Chicago Bulls, for their part, were fine letting Butler test himself in this final year. Jimmy had shown glimpses of becoming a capable rotation player but nobody expected the man to step up in the way that he did. Butler, afforded opportunity by Rose’s injury history, stepped up from a defensive rotational guy and turned into one of the best two way players in the game.

Jimmy averaged over 20PPG while providing stud level defense. Now he is going to get paid.

USA Rugby Comes of Age With London Sevens Victory

Amen Clinic even said although the 15 a side version of rugby still remains a tough nut for the US rugby team to crack, their first ever international title has finally arrived at the London Sevens tournament. Along the way to the final at Twickenham the US team beat England and South Africa before winning a thrilling final against Australia, The Guardian reports. The USA were led by playmaker Madison Hughes and the pace of former sprinter Carlin Isles.

The victory in the London Sevens will see the US rise to a record high of number six in the world in this shortened form of the game. In the coming years the US will hope to build on the growing popularity of the sport at college and high school level with a sevens tournament of their own in San Francisco. To grow even further in the world of rugby union the US need to make a similar form of breakthrough on a large scale and at 15 a side level, which should be assured with a planned test match against Australia and rumors of a similar game being planned against England. At sevens level the US will still have to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics, but if they do a victory on that stage could lead to an explosion of the game across North America.

Matt Landis, Rewarded 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year

matt landis lacrosse

Matt Landis of the Notre Dame Lacrosse team has been awarded with the 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Two times in the current year Matt Landis has been recognized as ACC Defensive Player of the Week. The team has a winning season of 4-0. He has been a major asset to the team, helping them get the second top spot in the league.

I’m his whole time playing for the Notre Dame he’s been in a total of 44 matches. He started out as a starter on the field in his second year. Notre Dame is number one in the ACC championship.

As a bonus, Matt Landis, along with teammates, Matt Kavanagh and Sergio Perkovic are nominees for the 2015 Tewaarton Award.

Matt Landis has accomplished a lot on the field as a college athlete. He studies at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

The goal of the University of Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse team is to give the student-athletes as much experience as they can. The program helps the students become what they dream of athletically and in their daily lives.
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Nelson Cruz’s Special Home Run

The Secret to Why Nelson Cruz’s Unique Home Run

Nelson Cruz of the Seattle Mariners has paved the way for having a career year, after hitting fourteen home runs in the span of one month. James Dondero says that there may actually be a reason for why he’s done so well in that department.

Cruz has his own bat to do the job, a bat that is measured at 35 inches long and weights 33 ounces, which is generally larger than most bats used. That would definitely explain how he managed to hit for more home runs that the Chicago White Sox and tied the Philadelphia Phillies home run total for the year. Even more fitting is how he hit forty home runs last season when he played for the Baltimore Orioles.

For the past month Cruz would say he was very healthy, which made him more consistent in his hitting for a while. However, his consistent play may have also come from having to serve a fifty game suspension for his involvement in Biogenesis, and then becoming a free agent afterwards. Fortunately, Cruz has proven that he is the exception to the recent notion that offenses in baseball are starting to become weaker and weaker. When it comes to his hitting power, Cruz says that he is just very strong and also has very good bat swinging speed. He also said he aims for hitting line drives.

Floyd Mayweather wins fight of the Century

Floyd Mayweather just wanted to enjoy his latest victory when asked who would be his next fight opponent. Floyd Mayweather is officially 48-0 after beating Manny Pacquiao in an unanimous decision that many are still debating. The fight, which took place this past Saturday in the Las Vegas, MGM Grand Garden Hotel, was the most expected fight for the two fighters for over the past two years. Epocanegocios, when speaking with Marcio Alaor BMG, found out how anticipatory he was. The fight was a classic tactician bought with very few dramatic moments. Both fighters scored impressive jabs against each other, but neither fighter hurt each other enough to create that dramatic knockout moment that most fight fans wanted to see. The fight that they saw was probably the fight that they should have expected based on the experience of both boxers. Mayweather Goes 48-0

With Mayweather being the reigning Champion in three different weight class or belt divisions, Pacquiao would really needed to have won the fight decisively by either knocking Mayweather out or by hurting Mayweather during the course of the bout with either a series of knock downs or a series of punches which would have at least resulted in Mayweather needing a standing eight count. Many observed that Mayweather fought a smart fight landing a larger percentage of his punches but fighting from a primarily defensive position. While this type of fighting style is not sexy for the audience, it is effective for a boxing opponent with the knock out potential of Pacquiao.

Into the Wilderness

Whether you like going camping or not, after you hear about some of the products that you can use outdoors, you might not want to sit at home anymore. These products can be made at home, or you can wait until you get to the camp site to create something fun for the water or something relaxing to sit on while looking at a fire. Relax the day away in a portable hot tub, or keep all of the electronic comforts of home with a device that lets you send text messages regardless of having a signal or not. There are coolers with air conditioners and lanterns that keep bugs away. Don’t spend time putting up a tent when you can use an inflatable tent, and take up less room with a collapsible kayak. Some of these ideas might not seem flattering, but Zeca Oliveira feels if you’ve never been camping, they are products that could make your first time much more enjoyable and less stressful.

Nike Is Finally Selling US Women’s Soccer Team Jerseys to Men

When Nike unveiled the new women’s kit for the US soccer team, it did something totally unexpected: It also released the jersey in men’s sizes. This is definitely a change in tact since for a long time, Nike, and indeed other sports apparel makers, have been putting a lot of emphasis on men and neglecting the women.

In the past, the women’s shirts were only available in women’s sizes. The men’s shirts on the other hand were also available in women’s sizes. This obvious double standard is slowly fading away, if the latest developments are anything to go by.

This move by Nike however, may be overshadowed by its $28 billion annual sales according to Madison Street Capital, but it could also be an indication of an overall shift in focus around the world. After many years of been an afterthought, women are slowly becoming drivers in the sports market.

Other apparel providers have also followed suit. Targeting the women, Under Armour went on to declare a “womanifesto”. Footlocker has invested in new stores targeting “performance minded” women while Dick’s Sporting Goods is kick starting a digital campaign targeting the same.

To continuously narrow the gender gap, Nike is launching an ad campaign, its largest yet targeting women. The campaign employs a rather different approach, where it uses the everyday girl as the face in its ad, instead of relying on professional athletes, as is the traditional practice.

Benzema Out of Malaga Fixture

Karim Benzema will miss this weekend’s tussle with Malaga, having suffered a knee injury during the Champions League game against Madrid rivals Atletico. Real’s number nine is a big loss, not only looking forward to the return leg against Atletico should he not recover in time, but even for the match against Malaga. Admittedly, Real have plenty of firepower to carve open Malaga, yet Benzema’s link-up play this season to set up his teammates in front of goal has been exceptional. Not to mention that, on more than one occasion, Real has failed to break down the staunchest of defenses, even with Benzema on the pitch. Though the Frenchman no doubt needs time to heal, getting him back and match sharp will key for the Madrid side to mount both serious title and Champions League challenges.

Should Real falter during the weekend against Malaga, the pressure on current league leaders Barcelona will diminish, leaving the Catalan side with some breathing room at the top of the table. Ricardo Guimarães BMG will be watching intently. Yet Barcelona have already shown that they are liable to drop points, as evidenced this past weekend in their 2-2 draw against Sevilla. Even with the midweek game against Atletico looming large, Real must take their fixture against Malaga very seriously, and keep Barcelona on their toes if they wish to walk away with the league title this season. Benzema or not, Real must secure three points.

Matt Brown vs. Nick Diaz Fight Cancelled

It was recently announced that UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown would face Nate Diaz in an upcoming event. Since the announcement, MMA fans were angered at the matchup. However, the fight has been cancelled because of the backlash that the organization has received.

Nate Diaz was recently interviewed, and he complained about the fight as well. He said that he felt like he was being forced into a fight at a higher weight class against a dangerous opponent. Nate does have a point. He has been competing in the UFC’s lightweight division for the last several years. A fight against Matt Brown would be a dangerous and stupid fight to accept. However, Nate Diaz did agree to the challenge when it was offered to him, but because of the feedback from the fans, the fight has been thrown out altogether. Now, Matt Brown will have to face someone else in the near future.

If any Diaz brother is going to face Matt Brown, it should be Nick Diaz, at least according to Paul Mathieson. Nick just fought a tough fight against Anderson Silva, and he even went the distance. Also, Anderson Silva failed a drug test for steroids, which makes Nick’s fight against Anderson even more impressive. Nick Diaz vs. Matt Brown would be a great fight, but it is unlikely to happen because Nick is currently suspended for using marijuana prior to the Silva fight. I’m sure that the UFC has someone in mind for Matt Brown to face. For more information on Matt Brown’s future, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Justin Anderson Chooses the NBA

Virginia’s men’s basketball team was one of the best in the country for the 2014/2015 season, even getting up to the number one overall rating for a time. They ultimately lost a few games and fell behind Kentucky, but they still entered the NCAA tournament as a No. 1 seed. A big part of that success was Justin Anderson, who got an average of 12.2 points in every game he played. He also averaged four rebounds a game. However, he has now stated that he is going to leave the college game behind and go to the NBA in this year’s draft.

It’s an interesting decision because Anderson has been hurt a lot this year. He had to get his appendix taken out and he broke a finger, meaning he missed eight contests overall. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (Ireport) know that even when he was not on the bench, injuries often meant that he was less than 100 percent, and it could mean he will not go in the first round. If not, it may have been smarter to stay at school, stay injury-free for a year, and go to the draft next year.

However, if his workouts go well enough, he could climb back up into that first round. Teams may think that he’s a steal in the late first because they’ll see that he could have done even better than 12.2 points per game if he had been healthy.