Handy Professional Home Cleaning Services

Handy cleaning services (https://www.handy.com/services) offer the best home cleaner, handyman, and plumbing deals on the market. With us, internal house cleaning services are just a tap away by using our mobile app for online booking.

Popular Services offered at Handy

Our most popular services include; Home cleaning, interior house painting, moving services, assembly of furniture, TV Mounting, and hanging of Shelves and Pictures on the wall among others.


The plumbing services offered at handy include repairing and replacing water and sewage drains, faucets, toilets, and garbage disposal. The cleaning services at Handy are not limited to just home cleaning but also extend to the office and professional rental cleaning.


At handy.com, we offer different handyman services including air conditioning, hanging shelves and pictures, assembly of furniture, cleaning of curtains, interior painting, fixing of locks and knobs, and mounting TV. We also offer electrical services. Handy provides help in fixing of lighting systems, outlets, bath fans and ceiling, as well as other electrical appliances.

How our Services Work

Our team of experts is trustworthy in providing all our clients with the best, experienced, friendly, insured, and background- checked cleaning services. Booking of our services is made online with our mobile app within seconds. One just needs 60 seconds to book and schedule for in-house cleaning services within the next 24 hours. We guarantee 100% refund of our clients’ money the services are not satisfactory.

Newly Introduced Services

Handy has recently expanded its services to delivery of furniture and their assembling. Delivery of these items reaches our customers within a very short duration of time ranging from two hours to 24. The furniture comes with a pocket- friendly price with the aim of making our customers more satisfied with the services and the costs.

 Online and Mobile cleaning

Using the company’s mobile app, our customers, and new ones can book for home cleaning and repair from anywhere in the country. The services are extending beyond the home cleaning to ensure our clients get all services at one place. Contact us today by calling our customer support service team for more information on our services or to make a booking. Visit our website at handy.com and learn more about the effectiveness of our services by reading customer reviews and testimonials. The mobile app that we recently developed will make sure that all our clients can easily get in touch and order for our services


The Career Of Businessman Raj Fernando

Who Is Raj Fernando?

Raj Fernando is a former stock trader, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist from Chicago. He has founded his own trading company, helped develop new trading technologies and serves as a board member and advisor on think tanks. Fernando also supports causes that are close to his heart such as no kill animal shelters.

The Background And Career Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando attended Beloit College, a prestigious and historic private liberal arts college in Wisconsin. He earned a scholarship to the school thanks to his hard work and dedication while a student in high school. His chosen major there was history and economics.

Early on, Raj Fernando showed a leaning towards the financial markets as a career. While still a student at Beloit College, Raj decided to intern at firms operating in the Chicago Stock Exchange. He gained valuable experience there, that helped him push forward his career in the Chicago Stock Exchange and beyond.

Completing his studies at Beloit College, Raj Fernando easily founded a job with a firm at the Chicago Stock Exchange, thanks to his degree and prior internships. He would rapidly rise through the ranks, showing that he was a talented trader with the drive and ambition needed to succeed at the Stock Exchange.

After working for several years under firms at the Chicago Stock Exchange, Raj Fernando decided to form his own trading company. He called in Chopper Trading and incorporated it in 2002. A few years later, Raj Fernando was no longer involved in trading on the CSE, but was instead focused on developing new technologies that would give his firm an edge over the competition. He helped pioneer risk management software, monitoring, communications and trading platforms for stock market traders.

Chopper Trading become a standout firm, that had more than 200 employees. It was known for its unorthodox approach to trading and company policy. Raj Fernando emphasized teamwork rather than individuality and talent at the firm. This was new at the time for trading houses on stock exchanges.

Raj Fernando decided to leave the world of stocks and exchanges in 2015, when he sold Chopper Trading to another Chicago based firm. He created information technology and consulting company Scoutahead.com in 2016. It provides businesses with information and metrics to boost productivity and increase sales.

Handy’s Service is Second to None

Handy is a service that has worked hard to get where they are. They have been able to be beneficial in both the cleaning community as well as a larger community of homeowners who are in different areas. Their service has allowed many different people to be able to connect and this has led to them being able to continue their success with the foray that they have made into other aspects of the home services business. Handy is one of the most successful home cleaning service businesses available on the web or the app store.

When Handy first started, their mission was simple: provide a medium by which homeowners and home cleaners are able to connect with each other. The service works to make sure that they keep this in mind at all times and that their service is focused around that. By doing this, they make sure that their clients (both homeowners and cleaners) are able to stay satisfied. They have used unique options that are not offered by any other home cleaning service or home service business in the industry. This has allowed them to remain at the top of the list when it comes to home services.

According to wazzuppilipinas.com, homeowners love Handy because they do not have to search far and wide to find someone to clean their home. All they need to do is simply log into the application and find the home cleaner who will work best for their needs. This gives them the opportunity to find someone who they think will work best for them without having to do a lot of research that can be lengthy and time consuming for people who are already strapped for time (that is why they’re looking for a house cleaner).

House cleaners also love Handy because of the convenience that they provide. They no longer need to string up advertisements of their business on cork boards around the city or tell their clients to keep on referring them to other clients. They can simply post their ad on the Handy app and this will give them the chance to make sure that they are seen. They can choose different options depending on what they offer. They can even use different methods of posting their listings to help maximize the potential clients that they can get from having the different types of things that they are able to provide to their clients listed.

Taking Parents To Concerts For The Kids With Securus

Securus has been there for me when I want to bring parents to concerts for their kids. These parents are in jail, and Securus is really the only way that they can see these concerts their kids are in. People like me are taking their phones or tablets to the concerts, and they get to see the work their kids are doing in these productions on video. Securus set up a video system that is very good for things like this, but they have also made it very secure. The security is the most important part because it is the only way that we can know that we are keeping all these calls private.


I have been to many of these events for kids because I know it is the best thing for them. They deserve to feel like they can be seen by their parents, and their parents can enjoy until the call is over. I have been able to talk to the parents beforehand, and I know that now it is a lot easier for me to help them get prepared for these events. As the foster parent, and I have to do a lot of work to get ready for them. I take it seriously, and I want to bring the parents to every one of these concerts with Securus.


They really have been a saving grace for us because we can help these parents see what their kids are doing. It helps them stay in touch until they are out of jail, and it gives their kids a real connection to them. The kids just want to see their parents, and that is why they have to be sure that they are checking in on Securus even when we are not doing concerts. It is the perfect tool for every call.


Sports betting made easy by Tips from Covers.com

Football is one of the most popular games in the world. It attracts a massive audience as everyone would like to associate with a particular team. Due to the popularity of football, there has been an emergence of football sports betting. Sports’ betting involves predicting the results of an individual sport and placing some money on the outcome of the game.

If you are new at betting, you are advised to properly research the strengths and weaknesses of the teams you are placing your bet on – better known as the odds – to make sure that you do not lose your money. With this knowledge, you can bet on any team in the world, and this can give you very high returns on your bet.

Sports’ betting in football is very common as there are very many football teams in the world. You can bet on any team. Watching football leagues like the National Football League can help you to have exposure to the many teams and the factors that affect their performance. This will help you to accurately analyze different teams that you can place your bet on.

Football sports’ betting makes the sport more exciting as many people are always eager to anticipate the results and place their bets. Watching football is fun, and if you have placed a bet on different teams playing at the moment, it becomes even more enjoyable.

Covers.com is a site that is widely used for placing bets on football, NFL, and Super Bowl odds. It is an online platform that provides ease and safety of placing bets without having to leave your room. You can place your bet from anywhere as long as you are logged on to their system. Through the online football betting platform, you can also receive real-time outcomes and receive the score when the game ends.

Through Covers.com, Ted Covers provides accurate odds for all sports categories. The platform also offers a wide range of games implying that one can place bets on any sport or game. This helps to widen a bettor’s choice as it brings on board more games on which one can place a bet and make a lot of money.

Covers.com also gives bonuses and rewards. The bonuses and rewards are given when one joins the site or when one refers a friend to join the site. The bonuses and rewards help a user to increase the amount of bet money available on his or her account.

Online Reputation Management And Marketing: Similarities

One thing that can be said about online reputation management is that it is very similar to marketing. As a matter of fact, the principle is basically the same with online reputation management and marketing. With marketing, the marketer is to spread awareness about a company, a product, and a service as it depends on the company. However, it goes beyond just saying that the company exists and it offers these types of services, one must present information that attracts people to the company and service. The information has to make the product and service look good to the customers.

The same can be said for online Reputation Defender when people start from the beginning. When one takes the time to build his reputation, then he will manage to make sure that the people who visit his site or company will have positive things to say about him. There is a lot that goes into building a positive reputation. For one thing, it is important to engage the community. One of the best things that one can do is spread positive words. However, one has to also be truthful in his interactions in order to maximize his chances at business success.

If one takes the time to make sure that he has an image that is real and consistent, then he will be able to build a large business. Therefore, he has to make sure that he is not presenting a false image to the customers. The customers in many cases can tell the difference between someone who is being honest, and someone who is just trying to make money through deceit and other unethical measures. This time, it is very important for one to make sure that he is presenting himself as someone that is very trustworthy. For one thing, the company owner has to make sure that his actions match his words.


Philanthropist George Soros funds the Democrats again

The New York investor and Democrat supporter has made a huge come back to the democratic political funding scene. His last effort to oust President George W. Bush through funding was unsuccessful. Since 2004 he has had an 11-year silence on any political funding. Soros’ coming back has seen him commit more than $13 million in support of Hillary Clinton Campaigns and other Democrats during the election cycle. He has today had a huge political spending compared to the previous two elections.

Soros massive spending is in large part because of the alarm that the candidacies of Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump caused. The Republican candidates supported political endeavors that George Soros has been fighting in the past years. His funding is in a bid to increase voting by the immigrants and Latinos in the elections.

Soros’ support for Clinton goes beyond the huge checks he writes, most of other Democratic Donors follow his lead. It is also likely that Trump is going to criticize Clinton for her huge reliance on Soros and other wealthy hedge fund donors on nybooks.com. The billionaire and property developer spent months to portray the Republican rivals too as products of their donors.

Through the Open Society Foundations, George Soros has supported several societal advancements. He has planned to give away a significant amount of $11 billion in his entire lifetime. According to Soros, his latest $500 million investment plan towards migrants and refugees is going to be owned by his nonprofit organizations. The money is going to be more of an investment and not a grant. The immigrant campaign is going to be successful since it shows how the private capital scene can play an active and constructive role in helping immigrants. Profits amassed in the program is set to go and fund programs at the Open Society Foundations. Such programs are going to benefit refugees and immigrants highly.

George Soros is today a self-made billionaire primarily known for his wise investments and his tremendous amount of philanthropic work on Politico. Having been born in Hungary in August 1930, he fled the Nazis during the 1940s and later traveled to New York City in 1956. He started his life here as a finance.

George Soros began his philanthropic efforts in 1979; he later established the Open Society Foundations. The foundations have had a wide range of global initiatives. It aims to advance public health, education, advance justice, and ensure independent media and business development. The causes Soros has managed to help with this foundation are multifold. Soros has established an after-school program within New York City, aided regions struck by natural disasters and even lent financial assistance to the Russian University schools. His success in financial markets has given him another level of independence compared to other people.

Devco Loan Repayment Late But New Brunswick Is Well Updated

DEVCO is the trademark of an urban real estate developer that operates as a non-profit service that is dedicated to revitalizing New Brunswick, New Jersey. A $20 million construction loan that Devco obtained from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) is now over $7 million behind in back payments. The huge property has yet to achieve more than the paltry 63 percent occupancy, to date. Of course, the main problem has been the problems with the U.S. economy. But, as the nation’s economy turns around, it is believed that New Brunswick will greatly benefit and actually end up in a big new growth market.
The large hotel Devco built includes a big conference center with many huge meeting rooms. The current income on the property barely covers operating expenses. The primary attorney administrating the project at Devco, who also works for the Atlantic City Development Corporation, is Chris Paladino. He put the deal together that got the original loan with ideas for a new type of hotel with an award winning design. He claims the loan will only be delayed by a couple of years. He also seems quite unruffled by the delays.

It was local New Brunswick investors who put up the most active investment dollars. Devco has distributed $1.6 billion of these investments into various projects designed to revitalize the city, improve overall living conditions there, and in the process get a positive return on everyone’s investment. Devco’s plan for helping the city return to a healthy place to raise a family and run a business. Read more details in this Press of Atlantic City article.


Proven Steps that will help your Online Reputation to Thrive

Reputation management is crucial in today’s business environment. Any business that wants to remain competitive and have a strong market presence will have to learn how to safeguard their online reputation. These steps will help your company to keep their online reputation intact and thriving.

Create a Strong Customer Base that will protect your Business

Many of the top tier music stars and entertainers have a strong and loyal fan base that will suppress negative search results about their music, talent and public personas. A business should follow their example by having a strong customer base that does the exact same thing. A strong customer base can be used to keep negativity in check and it can be used to nullify people’s negative online responses and actions about your company.

Online Presence Management

You should monitor your brand in terms of online reputation management because it will help you to gauge how well people are perceiving you in the market. This type of action will help you to save time and money and it will help you to keep track of negative information that is being spread about your organization.

Evaluating Negative PR Management

A business should always deal with negative comments and feedback as it appears. Comments and feedback that is disregarded tends to create a negative condition for many enterprises. This information could indirectly harm or destroy a business’s reputation if there are no attempts to push down negative search results left unchecked for too long.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Your business should encourage customers to review your business and tell everyone what they like about it. Reviews will help to encourage others to give your business a try. They are beneficial to the reputation of your business.

Ultimately, hiring good online reputation management companies to keep your business’s brand in good standing is necessary. Reputation Management Fixers is the name of an online reputation company.

This organization is able to effectively monitor and improve a business’s online brand if it is being harmed by negative information. A business that does not use the services of an online reputation management firm will probably pay the price in market share, growth and profits.

Learn more about Reputation Management Fixers here.

Securus Is Helping Inmates Stay Connected

Securus is the only technological company associated with prisons that is helping inmates in the state of Louisiana. Due to recent destruction in the area due to weather, Securus is allowing all inmates to make one phone call per day, and they get a fine amount of time to be on this call, too. Securus owners believe inmates are going through enough trouble. Not only are many locked up forever, many prisons do not have sufficient bathrooms or even food. Securus owners believe inmates should not have to worry about their family members on top of everything they are going through.


In Louisiana, many prisons are far away. Most inmates speak to their family members on the phone only. It is too expensive for family members to have to travel back and forth on a weekly basis. Moreover, calls to family members only go out two or three times a week at most. It is very expensive to make calls from prison, and majority of inmates would rather spend their commissary money on better food/clothes. Securus owners took all of these factors into account before making their final decision to allow all inmates this opportunity on a daily basis.


What is amazing about this situation is that the prison authorities had no problem with this situation. They gladly agreed to let all inmates make one phone call on a daily basis. The prison authorities also developed a system where dozens of phones can be used at one time. This has made the entire situation nice and smooth. The owners of Securus have also stated that they are going to search out more ways in which inmates can get one phone call on an everyday basis. The number one goal of Securus is to help people keep in touch will all of their family members.