Philip Diehl Talks About the U.S. Money Reserve

The former U.S. Mint Director is the current President of the US Money Reserve. This honor was granted to Philip Diehl as a reward for his hard work in the private sector of precious metal investment and distribution. Philip Diehl is an individual who has demonstrated that he is not afraid of hard work and he is especially passionate in protecting that physical wealth of individuals throughout the United States. Physical and government-issued precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, shows an unlimited amount of investments upon investment. This is often the best way protect oneself when facing potential economic instability. In an uncertain global economy, those that invest with physical wealth often have the best outcomes.

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of precious metals to the United States government. Millions of individuals across the country have entrusted this distribution company with some of their most precious metals. As the President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl has been able to showcase his entrepreneurship skills that have run this business as a true and successful business. Mr. Diehl has even made precautions in order to make a six year commitment to improve the customer service of the company. With this in mind, the customer service at the U.S. Money Reserve is now only of the best services in the nation.

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In recent news, this previous U.S. Mint Director was featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio, a radio station that is hosted by Eric Dye. Mr. Dye wanted to discuss not only Mr. Diehl’s past qualifications and accomplishments, but also wanted to talk about his own opinion concerning the future of the gold market. As one of the most accomplished U.S. Mint Directors, Mr. Diehl is mostly known for the 50 States Quarter program that is issued in platinum. During his tenure at the U.S. Mint, Mr. Diehl recalls the transformation of the U.S Mint into a well run business.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 as a backup plan for investors in the United States. The U.S. Money Reserve has continuously recommended the investment of gold, silver, and platinum as it is government issued. The investment of precious metals guarantees financial stability in a time of economic instability. As the nation’s largest precious metals distributors, this company has attracted millions of investors to make this safe investment and to diversify their assets.

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EarlyLife of Mike Baur

Mike Baur can be referred to as a determined man who has great passion for banking, investment and entrepreneurship. He has been able to achieve vast experience in the private banking field and his input in this field is immeasurable. Mike has spent much of his time supporting and mentoring the youth with an aim of making them successful future entrepreneurs. He began his career immediately after completing his studies and graduating with a degree in banking and finance. Later on, he pursed his Master’s Degree from Bern University where he concentrated on executive business administration .in addition he went to Rochester University where he earned a Master’s Degree in business administration. Currently Mike resides in Zurich where he stays with his family.

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Und noch ein «Aussteiger» wird Fintech-Investor

His Career
His entrepreneurial journey and career began in Switzerland where he worked for the Salfort bank which is a large facility that deals with private banking. While in this firm, Mike Baur concentrated on the banking sector and after 20 years he rose to being an executive board member. Later on, he resolved to working as a commercial apprentice for the UBS Wealth Management Group. Mike then founded Swiss Startup Factory which has done well in the industry due to his proper management.

About Swiss Startup Factory
Mike Baur founded this firm with a mission to help startups develop and turn to great global companies that are in a position to disrupt the prevailing products, business models as well as norms and come up with new ideas that are beneficial. Additionally, the goal of this company according to Mike was to ensure that all startup companies are provided with all necessary services they require to ensure that all operations run smoothly. Mikes’ technical know-how and skills has enabled this firm to pursue in the correct direction and give better returns.

Mike Baur hard work and commitment has been seen from the many institutions he has worked with through the years. He served as the deputy managing director at CTI. CTI created the financial platform for all operations of the Swiss high Tec startups. Additionally, he was the deputy president of an institution namely Innovation Lab Fribourg which focuses on investing in students studying technology, ICT and engineering because they aim at developing new technologies. Apart from working with these firms, Mr.Baur also belongs to different corporate body associations as well as societies. His efforts and contribution to help young people become successful in the entrepreneurial field are seen in the projects he engages himself in.

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Is thicker, fuller hair possible?

Wen by Chaz Dean is a popular hair care line that is meant to take the place of your everyday hair care products as a revolutionary 5-in-1 hair care system. Wen by Chaz intends to replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Wen by Chaz is a hair care system that provides a way to simplify your morning beauty routine while still maintaining beautiful and healthy hair with the same results.
In a consumer test found on, one beauty blogger took on the challenge of completing an experiment of Wen by Chaz on her fine and naturally straight hair. She decided to use the sephora fig version for a seven-day trial [see:] of the product and shared her results from each day.

From the first day, she noticed how healthy, bouncy, and shiny her hair looked. She even noted that her hair felt thicker, which is every girl’s dream. Who doesn’t want thicker, fuller and more luxurious hair? She did notice, however, as the day wore on, and into the next morning that her curls fell out faster and her hair felt heavier and greasier than she had hoped. After a quick re-wash the next morning, she was again impressed with the results of her shiny locks. She was even receiving compliments about her new shiny mane from jealous friends.

After a week of tweaking her routine, she figured out what worked best for her fine hair. She came to the conclusion that she had to make time to wash and style her hair first thing in the morning; otherwise, her hair was a greasy, unruly mess. Based on her results, WEN by Chaz delivers as promised. However, the Wen by Chaz hair care system does recommend that Ebay shoppers give the product at least three full weeks for best results.

Qnet & Sharp

A Breath Of Fresh Air

I was very excited to read about the partnership between Qnet and Sharp in regards to their distribution deal concerning the Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The purifier will be co-branded between the two companies. It will be sold exclusively on the Qnet e-commerce platform.

From everything I know about the company, Qnet has a strong history of partnerships and cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. Sharp is a huge Japanese technology company that is known for their high-quality products and their reputation that they have cultivated is a win-win for the companies involved. Smart has been looking to grow their footprint in the marketplace, and I believe that an agreement with Qnet is certainly a step in the right direction.

There are some that seem to confuse Qnet with a multilevel marketing company, but nothing could be further from the truth. They actually operate under a direct selling model. I like the way they do business because it cuts out the middle-man and ultimately leads to lower costs for consumers like me.

This new style of air purifier will be a great addition to the already splendid Qnet health and wellness category. Qnet has done well with all of their products, but they are especially well-known for their health and wellness items. At a time when more and more people are concerned about their level of health and the quality of the air they breathe, this new style of purifier is just what the public has been asking for. It seems this really strengthens the foothold they are gaining in the Indian market and their desire to expand beyond their current parameters.

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Matthew Eitner and James Ahern Face Scrutiny from Relmada Therapeutics

Running a global company is never an easy thing to do. One of the biggest issues with running such a large organization is that you are bound to face scrutiny from clients and outside sources. This is just what is happening at Laidlaw and Company. Recently Matthew Eitner and James Ahern from Laidlaw have been facing a great deal of scrutiny from Relmada Therapeutics. Relmada Therapeutics went as far as filing an amended complaint against the two Principles of Ladilaw and Company. Relmada has filed this amended complaint as a part of their current lawsuit against principles of Ladilaw and Company Eitner and Ahern. This lawsuit claims that Eitner and Ahern were providing false information to Relmada Therapeutics in regards to being their investment banker.

Ladilaw and Company has had a long list of complaints over the years regarding their shady business dealings. Ladilaw and Company has been known to work with brokers who have a long history of multiple violations. There have been damages to many different companies caused by the actions of Ladilaw and Company. It will be very hard for Ladilaw to continue to grow if these violations continue on in the future. Massive changes must be made if Ladilaw and Company plans to continue growing into the future.
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New User Interface Coming From Securus

Users of Investigative Solutions can expect a upgrade coming to them soon from Securus Technologies, says PR Newswire. The main focus of this overhaul is to better the client’s experience with Securus’ systems through a refined user interface that makes working with their products better for overall performance.
Securus Technologies’ General Manager of Business Management, Kelly Solid, was the one to announce on PR Newswire the upgrade. According to Solid, tweaking the UI based on user feedback and testing has made use of fewer resources in order to boost performance of the client’s network. This means less frequent logging of activity of the user’s actions and streamlined options for navigation that makes work on their end smoother and less demanding.

With Investigative Solutions 3.1, users will now be working off a HTML 5 platform designed for seamless integration with other Securus software and products. Clients will definitely make use of this when needing to access information and tools from different systems for the same task without having to back out between programs in order to juxtapose and compare data.

These upgrades will also affect Threads. With Threads 3.1, users will be able to remain engaged with calls without having to close Threads, allowing them to access data that can be applied to maps and assisting partners in need of hard copies of data upon request. Communication tools such as these can only improve the cooperation between partners in need of collaboration.

Securus Technologies calls the city of Dallas home. From there, they’ve been servicing thousands of law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities across North America. Their products and services have impacted the policing and housing of more than a million inmates.

As a leader of communication in this industry, Securus helps facilities connect to one another, making it easier for them to carry out investigations and announce emergency situations to the public when necessary. See, for more information.

Health Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

I only want the best for my dog. That is why I took the time to look into the dog food product called PurinaStore‘s Beneful Dog Food. I looked into the dry dog food first. There is a Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food. It is available on in many different sizes. 3.5lbs is the smallest size and they go all the way up to 44lbs. All the nutrition my dog needs is satisfied by this product. It is made anti oxidant rich and will help my dog to be healthy. The dog food is a mixture of tender and crunchy bites and my dog likes to eat it . The food is mostly beef but also contains small amounts of spinach, peas and carrots to help keep my dog healthy.
As far as wet dog food I found that different varieties of wet dog food are available and here are some wet food varieties I have tried to feed my dog. They are known as Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites: and they come in several different varieties. One has a combination of beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice as ingredients. Another has the same ingredients but substitutes chicken instead of beef. Another version uses salmon. In addition to the Incredibites Formula of food there is also a Chopped Blends Formula. They have ingredients like beef, carrots, peas and barley for one blend. Another contains chicken instead of beef and another has turkey. The ones I have tried on my dog have gone over well.

Beneful also makes Beneful Dog Treats. They are known as Health Smile Dental Ridges and Health Smile Dental Twists. They come in a mine size for very small dogs, a small/medium size for medium sized dogs and a large size for bigger dogs. When the dogs chew on these treats, the grinding motion of the somewhat hard treats against their teeth helps to free up debris on the teeth and helps to keep my dog’s teeth clean and healthy. That is why they use the word dental in their brand name. From the varieties I have tried my dog likes them all.



Why Hiring Wikipedia Writers is a Good Option

It is no secret that Wikipedia is a great tool that many use. Wikipedia is not only utilized by consumers. It is also used by many businesses use it for promoting their local business. Consumers often look to Wikipedia for answers, and its use will only continue to grow.

Although Wikipedia is a fantastic tool, its strict guidelines can frustrate many. If you do not meet certain quality guidelines for Wikipedia, it will reject your page. Wikipedia has rejected many pages for failing to stick to its guidelines. There are big businesses that are now no longer able make a Wikipedia page as they failed to meet its guidelines. It can seem pointless to take the time to learn about Wikipedia’s guidelines. That said, Wikipedia page creation is an important step.

Hiring Wikipedia Editors is An Option

Business owners who do not want to learn all about Wikipedia and its strict guidelines are in luck. There are now businesses that offer people the ability to create a Wikipedia page. One such business is Get Your Wiki. This business offers unique and talented writers to help produce solid Wikipedia Articles.

These Wikipedia editors are great at writing Wikipedia articles in a short time. It will only take a brief conversation about what you need to get started. Producing a quality Wikipedia page will not take long.

If you would like to learn more about Get Your Wiki, you can visit their website here >>


Wikipedia is a great way to promote your business. Hiring a Wikipedia writer to create a Wikipedia page is an easy way to meet their quality guidelines.

Venezuelan Mobile Providers Suspend International Calling

Making international phone calls from Venezuela has just become a lot more difficult for millions of its citizens. The country’s two main mobile phone companies have announced that they’re suspending international calling as worsening economic conditions are leaving the country unable to pay its foreign debts.
Both Digitel and Movistar have made the announcement that international calling will be cut off due to issues related to foreign currency exchange controls. The mobile providers have previously cut back on which countries could be called from their phones. While Movistar has called the change “temporary,” it is unclear, according to Danilo Diaz when international calling service will resume.

Venezuela has a system of subsidized rates for hard currency, which requires companies engaging in international trade to obtain approval from the government before being able to convert local bolivares into foreign currencies such as US dollars or euros. A drop in the price of oil, Venezuela’s main foreign export, combined with poor overall economic performance, has caused the government to run low on foreign currency reserves. Companies that need foreign currency are now facing very long delays before being able to obtain it. As a result, several airlines have ceased doing business in the country altogether.

Local telephone companies are now tens of millions of dollars in debt to foreign carriers after being unable to obtain sufficient dollars and being unsuccessful in asking the government to raise prices for international calling.

What Would You Buy With A Billion Dollars?

Team spokesman Garin Narain revealed that the Atlanta Hawks were selling the National Basketball team and had retained the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Inner Circle Sports to handle the process. According to those close to the plan partner Andrew M. Gordon handled the Goldman’s part of the sale. But the bankers hired by Bruce Levenson were off by at least 27% when it was revealed the price they could obtain for the sale of the NBA team. Hired to sell the Hawks and the arena’s operating rights back in October Goldman Sach’s persuaded Bruce Levenson into believing they could get at least $1 billion for the team and arena. Bloomburg told a different side of things when its story appeared. Confirmed with those known to have honest information about the situation it is also indicated that a group led by Ares Management LP’s billionaire co-founder Tony Ressler on won the auction at $730 million bid. No one is trying to make light of the situation or discredit Levenson’s knowledge of the price the team might cost. Many of much intelligence seemed to agree that $1 billion was not out of the question. CNBC was led to believe by several experts as early as January 2015 that the Hawks sale could bring at least $900 million to $1 billion. Even seasoned sports writers were debating the value of the team at $825 million. But apparently the man in the know, sports economist Andrew Zimbalist from Smith College had the most accurate speculation of a price range between $700 million to $750 million. No doubt Bruce Levenson on will acquire a great profit from the sale. But the Hawks bankers may have discouraged other bidders by overselling therefore leaving a good deal of money gone in the wind. No one stepped forward from Sachs to offer any comment. Steve Koonin is the Hawks Chief Executive Officer. He is now operating the club and is wanting the new owners on board by years end. Forbes Magazine prices the Hawks at $425 million. But could that be a little to ambitious seeing as Levenson’s group bought the group back in 2004 for approximately $190 million. There appears to be a bull market among sports buyers with little indication for a change anytime soon. The NBA seems to carry a worldwide appeal and that could be one reason teams attract persons willing to pay $1 billion for them.