Health Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

I only want the best for my dog. That is why I took the time to look into the dog food product called PurinaStore‘s Beneful Dog Food. I looked into the dry dog food first. There is a Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food. It is available on in many different sizes. 3.5lbs is the smallest size and they go all the way up to 44lbs. All the nutrition my dog needs is satisfied by this product. It is made anti oxidant rich and will help my dog to be healthy. The dog food is a mixture of tender and crunchy bites and my dog likes to eat it . The food is mostly beef but also contains small amounts of spinach, peas and carrots to help keep my dog healthy.
As far as wet dog food I found that different varieties of wet dog food are available and here are some wet food varieties I have tried to feed my dog. They are known as Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites: and they come in several different varieties. One has a combination of beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice as ingredients. Another has the same ingredients but substitutes chicken instead of beef. Another version uses salmon. In addition to the Incredibites Formula of food there is also a Chopped Blends Formula. They have ingredients like beef, carrots, peas and barley for one blend. Another contains chicken instead of beef and another has turkey. The ones I have tried on my dog have gone over well.

Beneful also makes Beneful Dog Treats. They are known as Health Smile Dental Ridges and Health Smile Dental Twists. They come in a mine size for very small dogs, a small/medium size for medium sized dogs and a large size for bigger dogs. When the dogs chew on these treats, the grinding motion of the somewhat hard treats against their teeth helps to free up debris on the teeth and helps to keep my dog’s teeth clean and healthy. That is why they use the word dental in their brand name. From the varieties I have tried my dog likes them all.



Why Hiring Wikipedia Writers is a Good Option

It is no secret that Wikipedia is a great tool that many use. Wikipedia is not only utilized by consumers. It is also used by many businesses use it for promoting their local business. Consumers often look to Wikipedia for answers, and its use will only continue to grow.

Although Wikipedia is a fantastic tool, its strict guidelines can frustrate many. If you do not meet certain quality guidelines for Wikipedia, it will reject your page. Wikipedia has rejected many pages for failing to stick to its guidelines. There are big businesses that are now no longer able make a Wikipedia page as they failed to meet its guidelines. It can seem pointless to take the time to learn about Wikipedia’s guidelines. That said, Wikipedia page creation is an important step.

Hiring Wikipedia Editors is An Option

Business owners who do not want to learn all about Wikipedia and its strict guidelines are in luck. There are now businesses that offer people the ability to create a Wikipedia page. One such business is Get Your Wiki. This business offers unique and talented writers to help produce solid Wikipedia Articles.

These Wikipedia editors are great at writing Wikipedia articles in a short time. It will only take a brief conversation about what you need to get started. Producing a quality Wikipedia page will not take long.

If you would like to learn more about Get Your Wiki, you can visit their website here >>


Wikipedia is a great way to promote your business. Hiring a Wikipedia writer to create a Wikipedia page is an easy way to meet their quality guidelines.

Venezuelan Mobile Providers Suspend International Calling

Making international phone calls from Venezuela has just become a lot more difficult for millions of its citizens. The country’s two main mobile phone companies have announced that they’re suspending international calling as worsening economic conditions are leaving the country unable to pay its foreign debts.
Both Digitel and Movistar have made the announcement that international calling will be cut off due to issues related to foreign currency exchange controls. The mobile providers have previously cut back on which countries could be called from their phones. While Movistar has called the change “temporary,” it is unclear, according to Danilo Diaz when international calling service will resume.

Venezuela has a system of subsidized rates for hard currency, which requires companies engaging in international trade to obtain approval from the government before being able to convert local bolivares into foreign currencies such as US dollars or euros. A drop in the price of oil, Venezuela’s main foreign export, combined with poor overall economic performance, has caused the government to run low on foreign currency reserves. Companies that need foreign currency are now facing very long delays before being able to obtain it. As a result, several airlines have ceased doing business in the country altogether.

Local telephone companies are now tens of millions of dollars in debt to foreign carriers after being unable to obtain sufficient dollars and being unsuccessful in asking the government to raise prices for international calling.

What Would You Buy With A Billion Dollars?

Team spokesman Garin Narain revealed that the Atlanta Hawks were selling the National Basketball team and had retained the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Inner Circle Sports to handle the process. According to those close to the plan partner Andrew M. Gordon handled the Goldman’s part of the sale. But the bankers hired by Bruce Levenson were off by at least 27% when it was revealed the price they could obtain for the sale of the NBA team. Hired to sell the Hawks and the arena’s operating rights back in October Goldman Sach’s persuaded Bruce Levenson into believing they could get at least $1 billion for the team and arena. Bloomburg told a different side of things when its story appeared. Confirmed with those known to have honest information about the situation it is also indicated that a group led by Ares Management LP’s billionaire co-founder Tony Ressler on won the auction at $730 million bid. No one is trying to make light of the situation or discredit Levenson’s knowledge of the price the team might cost. Many of much intelligence seemed to agree that $1 billion was not out of the question. CNBC was led to believe by several experts as early as January 2015 that the Hawks sale could bring at least $900 million to $1 billion. Even seasoned sports writers were debating the value of the team at $825 million. But apparently the man in the know, sports economist Andrew Zimbalist from Smith College had the most accurate speculation of a price range between $700 million to $750 million. No doubt Bruce Levenson on will acquire a great profit from the sale. But the Hawks bankers may have discouraged other bidders by overselling therefore leaving a good deal of money gone in the wind. No one stepped forward from Sachs to offer any comment. Steve Koonin is the Hawks Chief Executive Officer. He is now operating the club and is wanting the new owners on board by years end. Forbes Magazine prices the Hawks at $425 million. But could that be a little to ambitious seeing as Levenson’s group bought the group back in 2004 for approximately $190 million. There appears to be a bull market among sports buyers with little indication for a change anytime soon. The NBA seems to carry a worldwide appeal and that could be one reason teams attract persons willing to pay $1 billion for them.

Understanding Solo Capital


In essence, Solo Capital is a company that is dedicated to the business decisions that can be made by the clients that the company serves. It is a company that is focused on different aspects of business and it enables clients to get the most money out of the businesses decisions they make. Solo Capital works in the areas of professional sports investments, consulting and proprietary trading.

When it comes to professional sports investments, it is nearly impossible for investors to do so without the help of a consultant. There are many aspects that people who don’t have experience simply cannot handle. They may not have the right connections and may not even be able to understand how to get started. Solo Capital gives the people who want to invest in professional sports a chance to be able to do so without the worry that comes with doing it on their own.

Consulting agencies are responsible for telling their clients the ways that will work best for making money for their business or for their own needs. Solo Capital has created a method to consult clients on what they need to do to truly start making money. Many clients may not even understand what they should be doing to make money and Solo Capital gives them that chance. It is a company that is wholly focused on making life better for clients and the businesses that they provide services to.

Trading opportunities can be hard to come by and even harder to understand. Businesses and individuals who have never traded before must have a strong understanding of what they need to do to get started trading. With the help of a professional, like Solo Capital, individuals can learn the proper trades to make their money grow. They can learn how to work the market and purchase trades that will net them a great deal of money in the future. The Solo Capital company according to gives them the chance to make much more money than they could have imagined with trades and different stocks that will grow and increase their wealth.

Sanjay Shah, the mastermind behind Solo Capital, has made sure that his employees and his clients know what they need to be doing. He started out as a medical student but quickly learned that he was much better at doing financial situations. This meant that he switched career paths and became an accountant. From there, he increased his client base and made sure that all of his clients were satisfied. When he had built up enough capital to start a business, he opened Solo Capital. He then began hiring employees who could help him out with the business that he had.

Real Estate Trends in NYC for 2016

Based on a report published by the New York Public News, the number one factor driving change in the real estate industry in 2016 will be the shifting macro-economic climate. How to sell in this type of market is crucial. New condo developments may see closings, and rental buildings will offer tempting incentives. TOWN Residential will continue to focus on what it does best. Town Residential will be realistic and motivated in the changing environment, price accordingly, focus on prime locations, and grow their buying market.

For starters, interest rates will start to gradually rise in 2016. This will result in real estate prices decreasing, but will also collectively affect buyer confidence. Typically, rising interest rates combined with lower prices result in weaker buyer confidence. Buyers are expected to ask for deal contingencies, demand more from sellers, review with several advisors; all factors put together will result in the buyer taking a much longer time to make a decision. Regardless of this trend, TOWN Residential’s team of professionals is prepared to work diligently with buyers to make deals happen. TOWN Residential prides itself in being a prime NYC real estate services firm and the baby boomers (oftentimes cash buyers) are expected to continue playing an important part in the buyer market by driving the “entry level” luxury condo ($1 million – $3 million). The entry level luxury condo market will experience strong absorption driven by fortified demand and low inventory. 2016 poses challenges in the New York real estate industry, but TOWN Residential has a plan of action ready to tackle the changing environment

A Dog Food Company That Understands the Importance of Good Nutrition

The economic rise of the dog food industry was highlighted in a recent online article. The article attributed the billion dollar industry to the changes dog food manufacturers made to three specific areas. The majority of changes were found in the quality, nutrition and variety of products offered today, as compared to the products offered several years ago. The changes came about as a response to what pet owners wanted to feed their dogs. Not only were pet owners looking for products with higher nutritional values, but also products that contained ingredients made from real food. Dog food manufacturers also found pet owners were more likely to purchase products that resembled the recipes they used to prepare their own food.

A Company That Focuses on Better Nutrition

Beneful is a dog food brand offered by Purina. This line has been producing products high in nutrition since 2001. The team at Beneful knows the importance nutrition plays in having a healthy dog, which is why they offer a specially formulated food for puppies. Growing puppies expend a lot of energy, which is why Beneful ensures the products designed for this crucial stage of a dog’s life contain all the essential vitamins and minerals puppies need to stay active. The team at Beneful also understands puppies need proper nutrition to develop healthy brain activity, vision and strong bones. Although their puppy formula is packed full of nutrients it is also made with real chicken, peas and carrots, so puppies will love the taste.

Good nutrition does not stop once a puppy reaches adulthood. The makers of Beneful know that good nutrition plays a key role in keeping dogs happy, healthy and active throughout their adult life. This is why their line of products for adult dogs is designed to provide all the essential nutrients dogs need during the different stages of their lives. Adult dogs can enjoy eating meals made with bits of beef, egg, fish or lamb combined with vegetables, fruits and hearty sauces. Packed with all the nutrients an adult dog needs, the Beneful line of products is available in both dry and wet formulas.



George Soros

During the 1930s and 1940s, Hungary was not an easy place for a jewish family to live. George Soros‘ family was one such jewish family. During the time, the country was first invaded and occupied by the Nazis. When the war ended, the communists came and took over. In 1947, George Soros fled the communist regime and went to London. There, Soros received an education in economics and started a career in investments.

Soros then moved to the United States were he continued in the area of investing. He worked for a few New York City investment firms and had success. In 1973, Soros chose to start his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, which is now know as Quantum Fund. During his time at the helm of the hedge fund, Soros managed to pull in between 30 and 100 percent on returns. After he had made billions of dollars, Soros stepped back and decided to follow what he believed in.

George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations and began by sending black students to university in South Africa during the apartheid regime. He also assisted dissidents in the Eastern Bloc by providing them with copy machines and other support to push their cause forward. The charity is now worldwide and operating in more than 100 countries.

Project Syndicate published an article that Forbes billionaire George Soros wrote. In the article Soros expressed his concerns about current events in the European Union. He fears that it will crumble if it does not recognize that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is not an ally in their fight in the middle east against ISIS. It is in Putin’s best interest for the conflict in Syria to worsen and for more refugees to flood in Europe and overwhelm the continent, causing chaos and fear and violence. This would make the EU fall and Putin would escape strict sanctions and foreign debt that would likely cause his regime to fall when the elections come in the autumn.

Soros believes that refugees should be welcomed into Europe and that if they are not, this will go against all of the principles that the EU was founded on. However, Soros believes that there needs to be much more structure to control the flow of individuals into Europe. He believes that Europe only has the capacity to absorb 1 million refugees every year and that the rest should wait at nearby facilities where they can apply for asylum.

Soros ended the article by explaining the Russia is a much bigger threat to what the European Union stands for than ISIS is and that the leaders in the west should understand that President Putin has ulterior motives that he is hiding.

Andy Wirth Works to Encourage Visitors to Reno and Tahoe Areas

According to a recent article in the Reno-Gazette Journal, Andy Wirth was instrumental in the Incorporation attempts between Lake Tahoe’s Ski resorts and the Squaw Valley. Lake Tahoe was about to get a chair lift system that went between two of the key resorts. The area fought against incorporation because of potentially higher taxes and cost to the business owners and resorts.

For the past few years, the snow season has been shorter and in return has created problems financially for the resort area. This year, mother nature has helped by allowing for an earlier cold season and more winter time. The earlier snow and cold is bringing in more people via the Reno Airport. People are excited also to know that Andy Wirth is accepting the position to be the Chairman of the airport. Andy is very instrumental in bringing new innovation and ideas to his business pursuits. He will be working closely with Lake Tahoe businesses and the area ski resorts. Olympic valley was to be part of the incorporation but the area was able to come up with enough funds to stop the process and help the Tahoe transportation efforts.

Area businesses require cold weather to turn a profit. Reno airport is hoping to bring in more skiers to the area. The Airport and Andy Wirth are working together to provide more information and promotion for Lake Tahoe and the area.

Skiing, snowboarding, and tubing are a few of the snow related fun things to do while in Tahoe. The lake views are spectacular and the downtown area is full of winter life. People plan on visiting Tahoe for skiing so they need to make sure that the transportation and clean up efforts are in full swing. Road scrappers and vehicles with chains are going to be very important to the area between Reno Airport and Lake Tahoe resorts. Andy Wirth, with his team, hopes to increase the people visiting for Lake Tahoe as well as gaming and business. Tahoe and the Reno Airport are in good hands with Mr. Wirth battling for them both. Make your plans to visit the area soon.

Planning a ski vacation in Tahoe involves an airplane ride, a ride to the resort of choice, and a great reservation. Plan on your cozy seat by a fire and a good glass of hot cocoa. Tahoe ski resorts are awaiting your arrival.

Recap of story of Yeonmi Park

Twenty-three-year-old Yeonmi Park could sum up her life experiences by comparing them to the Holocaust. There are those who might sneer at the comparison, but Yeonmi and her family faced many of the same hardships. Starvation, imprisonment, witnessing the death of loved ones, and even rape. Each of these things were commonplace among Jewish labor camp prisoners during World War Two and according to Park, they were all commonplace in her native North Korea.

The daughter of a civil servant and a nurse, Yeonmi and her sister Eunmi lived a fruitful life – or so they thought. Young Yeonmi witnessed the execution of a friend’s mother. The woman’s crime was watching a James Bond film, a western nations film. An act Yeonmi herself had committed many times. After watching Titanic, Yeonmi’s parents began to plot their family’s escape. Yeonmi’s father would smuggle metal to earn the extra money needed to acquire the assistance needed for the Park family to flee North Korea.

The plan wasn’t exactly a success. Yeonmi’s father was caught in the act, arrested, and sentenced to more than a decade of hard labor. He managed to arrange for his wife and daughters to be escorted out of North Korea by smugglers. Eunmi, Yeonmi’s older sister, left the country unannounced while Yeonmi and her mother left at a later time. 

Yeonmi and her mother were escorted by the smugglers through forests, mountains, and icy bodies of water. When they reached China, one of the smugglers raped Yeonmi’s later. The teenager herself was then sold into sexual slavery for less than $210, along with her mother. The pair were freed several years later and wasted no time attempting to reach South Korea. A few months later, they reached their destination.

Uncertain of what to do with their newfound freedom, Yeonmi and her mother worked a series of jobs. They were reunited with Eunmi and Yeonmi enrolled in college. Yeonmi became a human rights activist on casey and yeonmi and penned a memoir, detailing her family’s harrowing escape from the rule of the Kim dynasty.