Andy Wirth Works to Encourage Visitors to Reno and Tahoe Areas

According to a recent article in the Reno-Gazette Journal, Andy Wirth was instrumental in the Incorporation attempts between Lake Tahoe’s Ski resorts and the Squaw Valley. Lake Tahoe was about to get a chair lift system that went between two of the key resorts. The area fought against incorporation because of potentially higher taxes and cost to the business owners and resorts.

For the past few years, the snow season has been shorter and in return has created problems financially for the resort area. This year, mother nature has helped by allowing for an earlier cold season and more winter time. The earlier snow and cold is bringing in more people via the Reno Airport. People are excited also to know that Andy Wirth is accepting the position to be the Chairman of the airport. Andy is very instrumental in bringing new innovation and ideas to his business pursuits. He will be working closely with Lake Tahoe businesses and the area ski resorts. Olympic valley was to be part of the incorporation but the area was able to come up with enough funds to stop the process and help the Tahoe transportation efforts.

Area businesses require cold weather to turn a profit. Reno airport is hoping to bring in more skiers to the area. The Airport and Andy Wirth are working together to provide more information and promotion for Lake Tahoe and the area.

Skiing, snowboarding, and tubing are a few of the snow related fun things to do while in Tahoe. The lake views are spectacular and the downtown area is full of winter life. People plan on visiting Tahoe for skiing so they need to make sure that the transportation and clean up efforts are in full swing. Road scrappers and vehicles with chains are going to be very important to the area between Reno Airport and Lake Tahoe resorts. Andy Wirth, with his team, hopes to increase the people visiting for Lake Tahoe as well as gaming and business. Tahoe and the Reno Airport are in good hands with Mr. Wirth battling for them both. Make your plans to visit the area soon.

Planning a ski vacation in Tahoe involves an airplane ride, a ride to the resort of choice, and a great reservation. Plan on your cozy seat by a fire and a good glass of hot cocoa. Tahoe ski resorts are awaiting your arrival.

Recap of story of Yeonmi Park

Twenty-three-year-old Yeonmi Park could sum up her life experiences by comparing them to the Holocaust. There are those who might sneer at the comparison, but Yeonmi and her family faced many of the same hardships. Starvation, imprisonment, witnessing the death of loved ones, and even rape. Each of these things were commonplace among Jewish labor camp prisoners during World War Two and according to Park, they were all commonplace in her native North Korea.

The daughter of a civil servant and a nurse, Yeonmi and her sister Eunmi lived a fruitful life – or so they thought. Young Yeonmi witnessed the execution of a friend’s mother. The woman’s crime was watching a James Bond film, a western nations film. An act Yeonmi herself had committed many times. After watching Titanic, Yeonmi’s parents began to plot their family’s escape. Yeonmi’s father would smuggle metal to earn the extra money needed to acquire the assistance needed for the Park family to flee North Korea.

The plan wasn’t exactly a success. Yeonmi’s father was caught in the act, arrested, and sentenced to more than a decade of hard labor. He managed to arrange for his wife and daughters to be escorted out of North Korea by smugglers. Eunmi, Yeonmi’s older sister, left the country unannounced while Yeonmi and her mother left at a later time. 

Yeonmi and her mother were escorted by the smugglers through forests, mountains, and icy bodies of water. When they reached China, one of the smugglers raped Yeonmi’s later. The teenager herself was then sold into sexual slavery for less than $210, along with her mother. The pair were freed several years later and wasted no time attempting to reach South Korea. A few months later, they reached their destination.

Uncertain of what to do with their newfound freedom, Yeonmi and her mother worked a series of jobs. They were reunited with Eunmi and Yeonmi enrolled in college. Yeonmi became a human rights activist on casey and yeonmi and penned a memoir, detailing her family’s harrowing escape from the rule of the Kim dynasty.

Closet Overhaul In The Future For Steelers Fans

Pittsburgh Steelers fans should prepare their closets for a little spring cleaning early this year as for the first time in many years their teams licensed apparel is getting a makeover. As a part of the apparel makeover a brand new website on has been launched along with many ways to connect with other Steelers fans, as well as purchase items from their new line.

Responsible for this team makeover is Susan McGalla, former CEO of WetSeal and president of American Eagle Outfitters. Since joining the Steelers organization Susan McGalla has seen the need to modernize the brand and with an excellent team in place has completely revamped the clothing line. Susan McGalla on facebook has brought in some fresh colors, shirts for female fans that are more form-fitting and flattering, and even infant apparel that goes beyond the traditional black onesie with the team logo.

For the first time ever, Pandora jewelry is now available with Steelers charms. Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Bahama, and Nike Golf offer fresh, new Steelers products in a way that dresses up sports apparel and makes it more adaptable for home, parties, and even office wear. “This is the whole idea of sport goes into street. You can dress it up or you can dress it down,” says Susan McGalla of the new brands sporting the Steelers logo.

As part of an ongoing effort to bring fun, innovative products to fans, focus groups are being brought in to discuss potential products and changes and social networking is being used in a new way, bringing fans products they cannot wait to get their hands on. “We would get hundreds of letters from fans telling us, how do I get what Tomlin had on on the sideline? How do I get that sweatshirt or hoodie Ben had on before the game?” said McGalla. The solution? A sign on websites with “Wear What We Wear” linking fans directly to the product that caught their eye.

Along with the brands makeover, the Steelers have started a new campaign, “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday,” encouraging fans everywhere to don their best gear in solidarity.

Putting Real Food Back into Dog Food

The Daily Herald sent a reporter out to check up on a new trend in high cuisine. It started like many stories on the subject might. The reporter was offered a tour of the facilities by the higher powered executives who created it. And those same higher powered business men of class and distinction proceeded to take a big bite out of their creations while expressing joy at the unique and wonderful flavor. None of this would be out of the ordinary in most circumstances. But the catch is that these men create gourmet dog food, and they had just savored a bite of their Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe. While this might seem shocking to some people, many in the dog industry would take it as the norm. The industry in general is shifting away from low quality ingredients and moving closer to what one might find in his or her own pantry. And the highest quality options reflect this trend as well by having ingredients whose freshness might even surpass that of their human equivalents. But while public awareness of this trend might be more common, it’s actually been going on for some time. In fact, many people might already have a gourmet dog food brand sitting on their shelves. Anyone with Beneful brand dog food has already started to provide all of the freshest and highest quality ingredients to their furry friend. The high quality dog food brand entered the market in 2001. And it quickly rose to become so popular that it can usually be found in any top five list of the best of the best dog foods. Beneful began with a decision to create the most nutritionally beneficial dog food on the market. In fact, it was so important to the company that they took their name from the mission statement. But along the way they discovered something that chefs preparing food for humans were also well aware of. The freshest and most organic ingredients produce the tastiest and most nutritionally sound foods. By focusing on nutrition Beneful had decided to use only the highest quality ingredients. But this also ended up producing some of the best tasting dog food the world had ever seen.

Stephen Murray’s Successive Leadership at CCMP Capital

Investment banking has taken a center stage towards the development of prosperous economic growth across the world. As such, many people have continued to invest in the field while capitalizing on the proceeds realized from the investments. This has also contributed to the employment opportunities for majority of the population around the world. As such notable multinational companies have evolved offering investment opportunities to many people thus leading to the development of business entities. This has also put some members of the community in the way of financial stability by establishing entrepreneurial platforms for advancing their livelihood. As a result, United States of America has some of the most notable and prolific investments firms globally. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on linkedin is a reputable investment firm based in the United States of America. This is a private equity with interests in leveraged buyouts and growth capital. This has made the company to develop into a multinational company that is recognized globally. As such, in 2006 the company boosted of increasing its net worth to an approximate of 12 billion dollars in leverage and growth capital. This has also contributed to the good name of the company making it scale the heights in the investment fields. Due to its expansion nature, the company has continued to expand in its proceeds thus opening branches in other parts of the world like New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

CCMP Capital is headquartered in New York City in the United States of America and has a lot of history towards its development into a successive company. The company was first known as Chemical Venture Partners Owned by Chemical Bank and later transformed after it was bought by the Chase Manhattan Bank. Following the acquisition of Chase Bank by the JP Morgan partners, the bank changed its name to the current Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The company has continued operating while maximizing its profit through acquisition of other business platforms.

The success of the company is has been attributed to the great works of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He was the Chief Executive Officer of the firm since its inception and helped the firm to grow into greater heights under his management. He started his career after graduating from the Boston College with a degree in economics. This gave him the desired skills to invest in the financial and business entities to a professional level. He started his career as the as a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation where he moved steadily into the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. Despite the success he brought to the company, Stephen Murray started experiencing health problems which made him resign from the position of the Chief Executive Officer. He later died due to health related conditions at the age of 52 years old living the company a successful entity.

Sérgio Côrtes: Interview With The World’s Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

The clothes are similar, the voice is very similar and, often even the way of walking, looking, and interacting with others. This is the case with the lives of many around the world who embrace the identity of music artists and actors from theaters and film and make it their careers.

On his Facebook profile, Sérgio Côrtes describes himself as an artist with a great talent to sing, compose, and dance, saying acting is not for everyone. Similarly, impersonating a world famous artist is also not easy; therefore, the look-alikes that are really talented catch the attention of fans and the curiosity of many. According to Sérgio Côrtes, looking like Michael Jackson is more than his career – it’s a privilege.

The similarities between Sérgio Côrtes and Michael Jackson are so astounding, one might believe the pop star was reborn from the ashes. Sérgio Côrtes is now considered one of the best doubles of the late American singer since 2009. The Spanish 43 year old was born on July 30 and told by his mother since childhood that he resembled Michael Jackson. At that time, Michael was part of the Jackson 5 group and had just launched his brilliant career in America that would soon be of international concern. That was the turning point of his career, according to Sérgio Côrtes. “I started to pay attention to every detail as Michael sang, danced, and carried himself before the media and his fans. That was the difference in what I was saying when I watched him on television, and it gave me enough information to begin to interpret him in the best way,” confirms Sérgio Côrtes.

As a teenager, he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson and the photos taken that day had an enormous effect. It was then that the passion of Sérgio Côrtes for Michael’s music started to become an impersonation career. He went on to receive invitations to perform as the American idol in several countries.

Today, his resemblance to the pop idol has earned Sérgio Côrtes various shows, performances, and more than 16,000 followers on his Facebook page. It is through social networks that the impersonators disclose their work, interact with the fans, and receive many proposals for new shows. Sérgio Côrtes admits that he was very upset after the death of Michael Jackson while sleeping in his mansion in Los Angeles, USA in 2009. “It’s even harder when you have incorporated the quirks of his personality, you know all about his life and interpret it as part of your everyday life. It had a big impact on my life,” says Sérgio Côrtes. According to the look-alike, performing for the late singer’s fans has helped him overcome the pain of loss.

Other famous artists are also commonly imitated and have look-alikes such as Sérgio Côrtes. Some are even called twins of celebrities due to the uncanny similarities. Among the list of impersonated people are singers, actors, politicians, and other celebrities of television. Robert Carlos, Raul Seixas, Renato Russo, and Ronaldinho are among the most impersonated people in Brazil.

Follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: R7

Beneful: Complete Nutrition For Growing Dogs

Beneful dog food brand by Purina offers an extensive line of quality products that meet the nutritional demands of dogs at every stage of their development. With a wide variety of products available to address the different life stages of dogs, Beneful makes it easy to meet the dietary needs of your pet.

At the very beginning, Beneful Healthy Puppy supplies all of the nutritional requirements recommended for healthy growth and development. Puppies have specific health needs as their bodies grow and change rapidly in this season of life. Beneful Healthy puppy contains DHA, or Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which aid in brain development and vision function. Protein is the main source of fuel used by your puppy to supply him or her with the energy they need. At over 28% protein Beneful Healthy Puppy meets that demand for a happy, healthy dog.

Some dogs, regardless of age, have an aversion to dry dog food, Beneful Chopped Blends comes to the rescue for these pets! This particular variety of dog food has real meats, grains and vegetables chopped and blended with a delicious sauce to hold it all together for meal even the pickiest eater won’t refuse. Nutritionally balanced for everyday feeding or as an occasional treat.

Beyond a puppy’s regular dietary needs, treats are an important part of a dog’s development and training. The need to chew and be rewarded is especially important to young dogs and puppies. Beneful Baked Delights on Amazon are a great option for puppies and smaller dog breeds. Crunchy enough to satisfy the need to chew, without being too hard for smaller jaws. They come in a wide array of flavors from peanut butter, to apple and bacon to satisfy any dog.

Along the same line as treats are Beneful’s dental chews, Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Chews and Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges don’t just freshen your dog’s breath, but contribute to keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Many pet owners don’t realize that dog’s mouths are susceptible to infections just like human mouths, if left unattended infections can lead to serious health problems. Regular brushing along with chew treats specifically designed to clean and maintain your dog’s teeth and help you avoid an emergency trip to the vet, and as an added bonus your dog will be happier for it!



A Look at The Achievements and Contributions of Ricardo Guimarães of BMG


Many companies have not been able to achieve their goals mainly due to lack of proper execution strategies. Most importantly, failure to embark on a shrewd marketing procedure could lead to total failure for a company. These are some of the things Ricardo Guimarães of BMG has risen to address. Ricardo Guimarães is a leading business professional with a clear educational background that places him at a better position to manage and run a bank. For more than five years, he has worked as the president of BMG, a top bank in Brazil. His leadership has been keen on ensuring all aspect of implementation are catered for. In this regard, Ricardo Guimarães has supported the implementation f the bank’s corporate social responsibility.

In a recent article via, Ricardo Guimarães states that they have signed a new contract with Marcelo Melo, a popular tennis player in Brazil. The partnership will allow the company to sponsor the athlete to the next competitions, which will happen in 2016. Ricardo Guimarães is also happy to have been able to direct and man many other such projects in the past and the success they have recorded from these efforts has been far reaching.

In a bid to market themselves, BMG has embarked on offering support for community projects that can help to make life better. This has cemented the relationship between the public and the bank. Ricardo Guimarães has been especially keen on matters that regard the development of talents. They have launched various projects where they have offered support for the growth of talents. BMG, through the help of their able leaders has managed to sponsor various football clubs within Brazil. The company has been listed among top firms that have devoted to seeing the conservation of the environment is upheld.

Just like they have channeled money to support football teams, BMG has devoted some money to ensure Marcelo Melo receives the best kind of support. This includes monetary support as well as in kind support, which goes to ensuring the company achieves its goals by molding the athlete to n internationally recognized professional. Ricardo Guimarães has also stated that they may consider the player for more projects in future and they are confident he will be able to emerge successful in the forthcoming competitions. This offers encouragement to other companies to consider supporting the young population to achieve their goals and plans.

Contact a Representative of Handy Home Cleaning Services Today and Set Up an Appointment to Take Advantage of a Great Deal!

Are you looking to take advantage of a company that is always eager to provide you with cleaning services that are sure to drastically improve the quality of your life, living space, overall health and happiness? If so, then you may have found it a difficult task to find a company that has truly developed itself a well-reputed name through providing optimal services of providing work that enables a homeowner to live in absolute immaculateness. If this seems to sound all too familiar to you, then please do not hesitate to read further.

Handy Home Cleaning Services is a company that has built itself a solid reputation through providing some of the best services in the cleaning sector of businesses. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of cleaning companies who claim to provide optimal services for arriving at immaculate conditions of home properties, however, their actions and work have proven otherwise. By choosing Handy Home Cleaning Services, you can have assurance in knowing that your home will be fully cleaned from top to bottom.

When it comes to cleaning a home on, one mistake many homeowners and even “experienced” cleaning companies make is simply going through said property to sweep and mop, neglecting the process of wiping everything down. Handy Home Cleaning Services does not make this same mistake. They assure their clients that every bit of grime, dirt and dust particles will be wiped down from walls, corner areas and counter tops prior to working on cleaning the ground. It is an essential necessity to do this as there are no doubts about the fact that dirt and dust particles tend to fall to the bottom from the top once they make their way into one’s home and/or accumulate over time due to not maintaining the premises through regular instances of cleaning. By contacting one of Handy on crunchbase professional representatives, a client can set up an appointment at a time of their greatest convenience. Not only that, they can even take advantage of an opportunity that enables them to receive a free quote after a quick inspection. If this is a deal that you would like to take advantage of, please do not hesitate to contact them today.

You will quickly notice how much easier and enjoyable life is upon deciding to take the initiative of keeping your home clean. Not only will you have the opportunity of living in an immaculate environment, but you will also have a great amount of confidence in knowing that you are doing everything within your means to not only retain its current appraisal value, but also of potentially seeing an increase in it for the future. Make the right choice of home maintenance today and contact a representative today!


Health insurance is not just an option these days; in many cases, it’s become a necessity. So it goes without saying that you really need to take some time with your choices. Some companies will appear to be a good choice on the surface; and yet, underneath it all the insurance is not that great. So it makes sense to do some investigations prior to making your choice. We sat down recently with a rep from Nobilis Health. He was kind enough to put out some things to look for when doing your search. “We here at Nobilis see this kind of thing all the time. We see everything from the simple to the complex when it comes to patients and their health insurance. Make no mistake, it can be a rather daunting task to actually sit down and do the research; but, it will help to alleviate some of those common mistakes later on.” Below are some of the suggestions that Nobilis Health was kind enough to point out. 1)Look at the plan itself. Will it meet your needs? Some plans will add in extras, extras that the patient really doesn’t need. So the patient is actually paying for things he/she is not using. This is why we suggest taking a look at the details of the plan. 2)Can you tell the difference between a PPO and and HMO? Will you recognize an EPO plan when you see one. Usually, the EPO plan will encompass aspects of both the PPO and the HMO. This is why it’s good to know what each is about. Some plans will only help you out to a certain point. Some plans will expect you to cover the bulk of the visits. Factor this in before you sign up. If you aren’t going to handle the costs, you might need to investigate into something more suitable. 3)Another thing patients need to think about are the referrals. Referrals are a big part of the insurance industry, only difference is which companies will cover what. Also, think about who you want to see when you go to the office? How many of you already have a set doctor that you go see? Many do. Is this doctor going to be covered within the network, even when it comes to referrals. Many choose a network, then get disappointed when their primary doctor is not included. Please think about this before you sign the papers. Look over the paperwork. See which doctors will have your back. If you are going to go out-of-network for anything, make sure you can cover the costs. Out-of-pocket can get rather expensive. It can get really bad sometimes, depending on which procedures you need done. Think about this. If you can’t cover the costs of a normal visit, how will you when something serious comes up? NOBILIS HEALTH: YOUR GO-TO PLACE FOR ANY AND ALL DETAILS Please go onto our site for Nobilis Health. We have tons of references and tools for your eyes to give a once-over. Our advice, look over our information until you have it memorized. It will make it that much easier to make your choice when the time comes. Our link is down below.