Frans Schoeman: Director at Phatsima Diamond (a law firm in Bellville, South Africa)

The law firm where Frans Schoeman is the managing partner has various professional lawyers who are educated and have valuable credentials to prove it. Due to their competitive nature, they have managed to make a huge clientele foundation entailing numerous established commercial companies that utilize the firm (Phatsima) whenever legal constraints come out. Frans has been in the field of practising attorney for more than 21 years and presently holds brilliant law skills and knowhow. Thus, he is capable of offering sound legal advice. More so, he is a greatly motivated senior lawyer with huge expertise knowledge and stamina.

Working Areas

Frans specializes in various fields of law such as Medical Law, Labour Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law and Municipal Law. His background has enabled him to remain vigilant and capable of dealing with numerous types of clients. Due to his diverse foundation, he has established the attention of detailing with a strong passion in law. These traits have made him thrive as an outstanding attorney. Frans is known to spend countless hours battling for his various clients, whereby he makes sure they receive the needed compensation apart from getting justice. Being an experienced lawyer, Frans can work any lawsuit due to his wide range of skills that entail corporate governance, legal research, litigation, negotiation, legal advising, and legal writing.

Education and Qualifications

Schoeman according to attended the Free State University between 1987 and 1990 whereby he attained his degree of Baccalaureus Procurationis to enable him qualify as a Lawyer within South Africa. He was an ambitious and hardworking student who utilized more of his time performing research. His motivated nature was proven during his early age when he was a member of a Student Legal Society when still at the University. During June 2003, Schoeman joined the Law Society of RSA where he practised in the RSA High Courts.

His Experience

Following his graduation, he partnered with Joubert Schoeman Attorneys and amidst April 1999 and April 2000, he worked at Hofmeyr Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. In 2001, Schoeman became the legal TG Consulting director, a reputable law company within his home country. He had the accountability of forming and completing legal merges, negotiating and drafting contracts. In 2005, Frans joined Phatsima Diamond Corporation as the director where his duty was to oversee the mining concession. A year later, he took the MD position and works at the company firm until today.


Schoeman cares about kids, culture & arts, technology, science, politics, environment and human rights. He likewise conducts pro bono task that has been part the LSSA organization from 1990. Schoeman has more so lead massive contributions into the performance of that organization. He has been a driving force within his Southern country to assist different clients navigate the environment law world. The South African laws are much strict and disrupting of a local ecosystem is easily punishable by huge fine or jail time. Schoeman has been known to be an accountable lawyer whereby he ensured all transactions between the Mother Nature and his clients are conducted within the law necessities.

Investment Banking – Moving the World Forward

Even though investment banking in general has come to be a taboo word, or at least a dirty subject that not many people want to associate with, the fact of the matter is investment banking truly is a major player in why our world is the way it is. That is a good thing as well. Investment banking might be known for a few of the criminals who have brought shame to the financial world as of recent, but at the end of the day the world of investment banking is a long and proud one that has granted unimaginable wealth, jobs, ideas, and opportunities to countless individuals worldwide. In short, the investment banking you have heard about probably doesn’t even come close to the truth.

In short, an investment bank happens to be an institution that helps with raising capital and/or issuing securities. There truly is a lot of red tape to navigate, and the underwriting process is a fairly significant one at that. Investment banks have also gone into other sub items like mergers and acquisitions, and they have even gone to the complicated world of derivatives and equity securities to name a few. In short, there are a great deal of financial instruments out there that the average consumer doesn’t even understand. However, the professionals of investment banks truly help to bring multiple parties together in order to grow wealth for all involved.

The most well known (or well understood) side of investment banking happens to be that of corporate finance. It is not only the most traditional, but it is also one that everyone sees probably every single day. The big corporations that help companies to raise capital, negotiate mergers and acquisitions, and even allowing investors to subscribe to new securities being issued are some of the most important items to note. These are items that happen each and every day and without them hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people would lose out on countless amounts of wealth.

One popular fund manager who is starting to gain popularity within the investment banking field is James Dondero, CFA, CMA and the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management. The importance of having a strong and experienced leader in an investment banking position is one that cannot be overstated. Not only does the leader have to have significant experience to deal with both the financial and the legal hurdles that can come about constantly, but the individual must have the intelligence to know what the best course of action is in an ever changing financial world. With over thirty years of experience, James Dondero has made a name for himself as a hardworker from the ground up.

The co-founding of Highland Capital management may appear as the beginning of his stardom to onlookers, but to anyone in the finance world, they know that James Dondero has long been a major player in the investment banking arena. Highland Capital Management is one of those companies that makes you rethink investment banking, and James Dondero is no doubt one of the reasons why.

Harvard Rename Office in Honor of Ken Griffin

In appreciation of his historic donation to Harvard College, the School in 2014 officially renamed its Financial Aid Office to Ken Griffin ’89. Earlier in February that 2014, Griffin a staggering $150 million to the prestigious University. The gift was principally meant for supporting need-based financial support for undergraduates. The university leaders, alumni, friends and students gathered at the 86 Brattle Street outside the complex now labeled with Griffin’s name. It was an event of to thank and recognize the significance of the gift to the future generations. Drew Faust, Harvard President said that the extremely generous gift will transform the lives of many students at Harvard College. It would help underpin the institution’s traditional commitment to making its education affordable for all students regardless of their financial capabilities.

In the year 2004, Harvard launched a program named as Harvard Financial Aid Initiative to bolster its present financial aid assistance. HFAI ensures that Harvard education is within reach of all its enrolled students. It achieves this by eliminating contributions for those whose family income was below a set level. In the event, Griffin said that his Harvard experience changed his life. He added that his hope is that with the gift, it will be possible for the brightest in US and in the world to enjoy the same experience that he had and the University. The unequaled philanthropist is the CEO and founder of Citadel. Citadel is a global financial institution that the business magnate founded only a year after graduating from Harvard. The firm now manages over $24 billion investments.

On top of the 200 Griffin Scholars, the gift will support the Griffin Leadership Challenge for monetary aid. It will also fund 25 percent of the expenditure of around 600 extra undergraduate scholarships. The aim of the Leadership Challenge is to inspire others to offer financial aid to stabilize the long-standing fiscal requirements of Harvard financial aid program. Sally Donahue, the Director of Financial Aid, clarified that it was remarkable that its Admissions Committee was able to consider candidates exclusively based on their achievements and merits. She noted that in that way, they were able to admit the best students from around the world. That enables them to come to Harvard University with their financial requires fully met.

Griffin is a generous supporter of financial aid at the institution. In fact, he made his maiden donation to the College a year after his graduation, and he has ever since constantly supported the University. In 1999, Griffin launched the Wayne R. Gratz Scholarship at the same university in memory of his grandfather. Attracting the best students is the pillar of Harvard’s excellence. That foundation is solid, and it will remain, for generations to come due to Ken’s incredible generosity. The hedge fund mogul added that he shared the same vision with most of the college’s administration is to ensure that Harvard remains the greatest meritocracy in the world. He also added that he wished that it remains open and accessible to the globe’s most talented young people who will revolutionize the world.

Creating Makeup With Doe Deere

Makeup has been used as an outlet for individuals to express themselves. It doesn’t matter what brand of makeup is used, the colors or the style, with makeup, they have a way to fulfill this desire. The desire to become another person without fear of being judged or condemned. The truth behind it is that they are not becoming another person, they are just showing who they are.

Doe Deere believes that makeup is an expression of a person’s inner self. She considers herself the Unicorn Queen. Creating makeup was not Doe Deere’s first shot at business, yet it was her best. This Russian beauty relocated from New York City with her husband, hoping to expand Lime Crime. Lime Crime is the cosmetic line created by Doe Deere, that encouraged her belief in portraying beauty through makeup. When it comes to business, she has done it all, music, clothing, seminars, tutorials and makeup. That is how Doe Deere became an entrepreneur. She believed in others and believed in herself, which assisted with becoming successful. Doe Deere has a belief that her cosmetic line is designed for everyone, it doesn’t matter if the person is a boy or girl, there’s no discrimination.

Doe Deere believes that her makeup is created so that people can show their beauty as it is felt at the time. She does not define beauty, as it can change depending on how a person is feeling at the time. Lime Crime cosmetic line by Doe Deere, is for all individuals, whether they are straight, gay, bisexual or transgender. Not only that, Doe Deere believes in making her products cruelty free. What this means, is that these items are not tested on animals. However, she ensures that the quality of the products are top notch. The colors are bold and sassy, which has been the basis of the makeup line.

Natural makeup is becoming a trend all across the globe. Many vegans, vegetarians, or animal rights activists, believe in equal treatment with all beings, whether they are human or animals. This is why makeup that is not tested on animals, has become the norm. Makeup that allows others to be themselves, bold with colors, and cause no harm is what individuals are looking for.

Doe Deere creates what is wanted through Lime Crime. The main attraction to this cosmetic line, is the fact that not only are the colors unique, but so is the thought behind the creation. Lime Crime allows girls and boys all around, to show they can be Unicorns as well.

Investment Banking with James Dondero

Investment banking is a type of banking where customers or clients are offered with services such as bond selling, security sales, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and issuing of IPOs for their benefit through increment of the dividends of their companies. Investment banks’ clients usually are individuals, governments, corporations and companies. It gives them the necessary information on lucrative investments for mutual benefit. In a normal society, an investment bank helps bridge the gap between the poor and the well-off by providing those with innovative ideas capital for funding their start-up firms for the development of the economy of the society. This also applies in the case of a government where the banks ensure the financial security of a country by boosting the economy and realizing an increase in the gross GDP.

James Dondero, who currently is a member of the board of directors for American Banknote and MGM Studios, is an American-based investment bank manager with over 30 years of experience in credit markets. He is the founder of Highland Capital Management (1993) together with Mark Okada and currently its president. He is celebrated for pushing the envelope on new successful investment strategies like the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and his great prowess in portfolio management. It is based in Dallas, Texas but also has active offices in New York, Singapore and Seoul. Highland has a varied client base inclusive of endowments, foundations and public pension plans. Highland also deals with alternative funding, emerging market trends and equities. Among his many accomplishments, James has also worked with NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund since 2012 as the assets and resource manager, NexPoint Capital Inc. as chairman of the board of directors. His strengths and talents lie in mortgage-backed securities, investment grade firms, bonds and derivatives.

Investment banking systems help clients in market-choosing for their investments to ensure high yield and maximum returns for their securities. Through research, the investment bank gathers enough knowledge to know what investment goes where to provide an accurate market for specific clients. This helps put the clients in business with a competitive edge. They differ with the commercial and retail banks as they do not take deposits. This ensures maximum returns on the client’s side hence their influence in the society’s economy is much more felt and best for development.

Investment banks are also obligated to market the client’s company stocks and bonds. This has a big impact on the flow of the company’s portfolio. With raised capital funds, a dynamic system is created where projects are executed at a fast rate hence demand for more resources is increased. The prices of clients’ shares are duly increased as a result and when out for grabs more capital is raised from shareholders for the firm. Upon increase of income investment banks come in for management purposes of both the assets and maintenance of the customers. Mr. Dondero follows the U.S stock market and doesn’t often hesitate to provide his views on the drivers of the stock. Through his hard earned managerial skills, he is sure to provide suggestions and strategies through Highland Management Capital for the prosperity of the U.S stock market.

Hawks Continue to Soar Above Opinions On New Ownership

In September 2014, controlling owner, posted that Bruce Levenson, announced his intent to sell his 50.1% stake in the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson is the co-founder and partner of United Communications Group (UCG), which provides the tools and techniques, news and analyses that give its clients an advantage over their competitors. UCG also owns and operates GasBuddy, a mobile application that helps drivers find low gas prices in their area.

In the months following Levenson’s announcement, the owners of the remaining shares, Michael Gearon, Jr. (32.3% stake) and Steven Price (17.6% stake), also announced their intent to sell.

The sale reportedly includes the operating rights to the Hawks’ training facility, Philips Arena. The Arena was the subject of harsh criticism from one of the prospective buyers recently, being called “subpar” amid allegations that the weight room fails to meet NBA standards and the luxury box setup doesn’t measure up to the typical luxury box owners’ expectations. Someone familiar with the arena and the critiquing party told that the concern and reason for critique was that the arena may limit the owners’ options and be a disadvantage and/or deterrent in attracting the best and brightest new talent, many of which are Free Agents.

Recent buzz on the sale indicates that the group that has been considered the front runner since mid-April, shortly after the bid submission deadline of April 10, 2015, is still in first place as the probable new owner(s). The group, led by billionaire equity and investment fund manager, Antony Ressler, includes former NBA All-Star, Grant Hill (College: Duke, NBA: Pistons, Magic, Suns, & Clippers), Spanx owner and youngest self-made female billionaire, Sara Blakely, as well as her husband Jesse Itzler, philanthropist and co-founder of Marquis Jet.

Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs were retained by the Hawks to represent the current owners in the sale. Forbes reports that the Banker “oversold” the current owners on the final sale price for the team, by about 27%. So, what was the Banker’s pitch and what was the estimated final sale price, you ask? Ask, it’s rumoured that the estimate given was as high as $1 Billion. As for the pitch – only those in the room at the time will ever know for sure. According to recently released details of the final agreement of sale, Ressler’s group is getting quite the discount off of the supposed $1 Billion sale price, with the final price being reported at $730 Million.

The pending ownership change will hopefully foster further growth and success for the Hawks and we look forward to an exciting new season.

Blackhawks Escape Lightning Storm

Wednesday’s game four could prove to be a turning point in the Stanley Cup Finals matchup between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning as the Blackhawks tied the series at two games each with a 2-1 victory in Chicago. Amen Clinics was reporting that the victory for Chicago was even more impressive as it came despite a poor performance in their offensive zone, an offense that was only able to muster two shots on goal in the first period against a rookie backup goaltender in game four starter Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Despite the loss, Tampa Bay head coach Jon Cooper is still confident that his team can win the series, and he has every reason to believe in his team. Over the four games played, Tampa Bay has dominated play for most of each game through a combination of their speed and deep bench. This combination has taken a toll on a Chicago squad that is relying heavily on four defensemen, instead of the standard six or seven man defensive rotation, and in particular they are relying heavily on defensemen Duncan Keith. Through two periods of play Wednesday, Keith had already 20 minutes of ice time and finished the game with just under 30 minutes of time on the ice.

The series moves back to Tampa for game five, which will be played on Saturday at 8pm ET and will be shown on NBC.

Looking Ahead With the Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks rose to prominence in such a fashion that most NBA fans couldn’t really believe their eyes. For the better part of the past decade the Atlanta Hawks had been perennial losers whose ceiling seemed to be capped at the fourth or fifth seed in the NBA. GM Bruce Levenson had bought the team over a decade ago and he had steadfastly built a core of players that could compete but struggled to get over the hump. Then, in 2014, everything clicked. Atlanta went on to win 60 games, place second overall in the NBA standings, and make it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. So what’s next for a Hawks team that is ostensibly on the rise?

The first thing that we’ll be paying attention to going into 2015 is how the Hawks patch up their starting swingman spot. Demarre Carrol had solidified the role with aplomb last season as he became one of the elite defenders in the game while stretching the floor with his shooting. For the first two rounds of last years NBA playoffs Carroll was easily the most important Hawk on the floor. Now he is gone. Right now the small forward position is occupied by an injured Thabo Sefalosha and a rookie in Lamar Patterson. Neither option gives Atlanta what Carroll was able to give them alone.

However things aren’t all bad for Atlanta. The team excelled in picking up veteran talent to fill out their rotation. Tim Hardaway Jr and Tiago Splitter both make their way over to the team and plan to get some heavy minutes. Hardaway Jr is a score first shooter who can fill out minutes at the 2 and the 3 spot while Splitter will slot in as a power forward and, for stretches, a center as well. Splitter averaged 8 points and 5 boards last season in just under 20 minutes per game. Hardaway Jr averaged 12 points 2 assists and 2 rebounds.

What Atlanta did last season was pretty special and it was thanks primarily to a Coach of the Year effort from Budenholzer. Budenholzer, with the support of Al Horford, implemented an offensive system that worked by aiming at team strengths and limiting the ‘get mine’ mentality. Instead of having Horford or Teague chuck up 35 combined shots per game, the Hawks instead pushed the ball around and tried to get the open man the ball. This created one of the most efficient seasons in Kyle Korver’s career from beyond the arc while creating viable scoring opportunities for everyone else on the floor.

Atlanta hit their rough spot against Cleveland in the ECF and it was there that their big issues surfaced. In the playoffs the style of game almost demands that a player step up and become the ‘go to guy’. For Atlanta it needs to be Al Horford. Horford had an abysmal showing against Cleveland and he’ll look to remedy that going forward into the next season and hopefully beyond.

Let Town Real Estate Get You Some Great New York City Real Estate

New York City is one of the finest places to live in the country and most people know it. There are some amazing landmark New York City properties, many movies have been filmed there, and a lot of celebrities have made New York City their home. New York City isn’t just a place to live, New York City is a place to experience. Most people who go to New York City leave there feeling like they are a different person because they’ve learned so much. Although New York City does have its downsides, it’s unlike any other city out there, especially since it has a lot of opportunities for those who visit or lived there.

If you’re one of those persons who’s been drawn to New York City, and you feel the need to move to the big city, then what are you waiting for? Maybe you don’t know exactly where you’d like to live in the city, but that’s a small issue because you can always get help with that. If you know that you’re moving to New York City, but you just need help in finding a new place, then one phone call should solve your entire problem. If you make a phone call to a real estate agent that’s in the city, then you’ll be able to get information on some great places that are available.

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Let your Town Real Estate agent help you to determine where you want to live, how much money you want to spend, and what type of amenities you’re looking for. Once your real estate agent has a chat with you about your requirements, then you’ll be surprised when they bring you back a list of great homes that you’d be interested in. Although Town Real Estate has these homes listed on their website, once you sit down with a real estate agent, then you’ll be able to get more in-depth information about these homes. With all the fascinating homes that Town Real Estate has available, why haven’t you called them yet?

Atlanta Hawks Changing Ownership

The Atlanta Hawks, a National Basketball Association team currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia recently came to the media’s attention due to an ownership transferral. In January 2015, they were up for sale and in April the team was purchased.

Originally the Tri-Cities Blackhawks, the team started up in 1964. After changing their name, the Hawks moved around some until in 1968 they established their home-net in Atlanta, Georga. There they play at the Philips Arena. The team has won a record of 60 games and are the top seed of the East. The Atlanta Hawks had never made it past the second round of the NBA playoffs however until this year. They have the second-longest drought after the Sacramento Kings who have never been to the NBA Finals. The Hawks have a championship appearance drought of 57 seasons. The last time the Atlanta Hawks appeared in the NBA Finals was in 1961.

The team’s major rivalries include the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic. The Hawks and the Celtics have been rivalries for five decades. The Celtics even faced the Tri-Cities Blackhawks at the dawn of their creation. They have faced each other in the NBA playoffs eleven times, and four times in the NBA Finals. Though the number of times the Celtics have played the Hawks is greater than Orlando Magic, and though the Hawks have been beaten more times by the Celtics, the team’s rivalry with Magic is more intense and player based. Often times the Hawks and Magic players have been in verbal and physical altercations. Players Marcin Gortat, Dwight Howard, and Mickael Pietrus from Orlando Magic were often in fights with Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby, Josh Smith, and Zaza Pachulia. The competition was especially fierce between Howard and Smith as both were raised out of Georgia.

Their rivalries often made the news for physical altercations, but recently their claim to fame was a change in ownership. The team has been bought and sold many times. In 2004 having been previously owned by Turner broadcasting, the Atlanta Hawks were purchased by a group of shareholders including majority Partners Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson. Levenson was also the managing partner of the Hawks and a member of the NBA Board of Governors. At the end of 2014 Levenson decided, however, to sell his share.

In April 2015, the Atlanta Hawks were sold to Antony Ressler, a billionaire equity and investment fund manager. Though originally priced at $1 trillion, the team was sold for $850 Million. Given the team’s drought records and failing draft history, current Atlanta Hawks fans are eagerly waiting to see the outcome of the change in ownership. The Hawks were rapidly losing game attendees under the previous ownership, and the teams fans were worried they might go under due to a huge loss in profit as a result of the decrease in ticket sales. The Atlanta Hawks seem to have a brighter future in front of them however with the change of ownership to Ressler.