Nike Is Finally Selling US Women’s Soccer Team Jerseys to Men

When Nike unveiled the new women’s kit for the US soccer team, it did something totally unexpected: It also released the jersey in men’s sizes. This is definitely a change in tact since for a long time, Nike, and indeed other sports apparel makers, have been putting a lot of emphasis on men and neglecting the women.

In the past, the women’s shirts were only available in women’s sizes. The men’s shirts on the other hand were also available in women’s sizes. This obvious double standard is slowly fading away, if the latest developments are anything to go by.

This move by Nike however, may be overshadowed by its $28 billion annual sales according to Madison Street Capital, but it could also be an indication of an overall shift in focus around the world. After many years of been an afterthought, women are slowly becoming drivers in the sports market.

Other apparel providers have also followed suit. Targeting the women, Under Armour went on to declare a “womanifesto”. Footlocker has invested in new stores targeting “performance minded” women while Dick’s Sporting Goods is kick starting a digital campaign targeting the same.

To continuously narrow the gender gap, Nike is launching an ad campaign, its largest yet targeting women. The campaign employs a rather different approach, where it uses the everyday girl as the face in its ad, instead of relying on professional athletes, as is the traditional practice.

Benzema Out of Malaga Fixture

Karim Benzema will miss this weekend’s tussle with Malaga, having suffered a knee injury during the Champions League game against Madrid rivals Atletico. Real’s number nine is a big loss, not only looking forward to the return leg against Atletico should he not recover in time, but even for the match against Malaga. Admittedly, Real have plenty of firepower to carve open Malaga, yet Benzema’s link-up play this season to set up his teammates in front of goal has been exceptional. Not to mention that, on more than one occasion, Real has failed to break down the staunchest of defenses, even with Benzema on the pitch. Though the Frenchman no doubt needs time to heal, getting him back and match sharp will key for the Madrid side to mount both serious title and Champions League challenges.

Should Real falter during the weekend against Malaga, the pressure on current league leaders Barcelona will diminish, leaving the Catalan side with some breathing room at the top of the table. Ricardo Guimarães BMG will be watching intently. Yet Barcelona have already shown that they are liable to drop points, as evidenced this past weekend in their 2-2 draw against Sevilla. Even with the midweek game against Atletico looming large, Real must take their fixture against Malaga very seriously, and keep Barcelona on their toes if they wish to walk away with the league title this season. Benzema or not, Real must secure three points.

Matt Brown vs. Nick Diaz Fight Cancelled

It was recently announced that UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown would face Nate Diaz in an upcoming event. Since the announcement, MMA fans were angered at the matchup. However, the fight has been cancelled because of the backlash that the organization has received.

Nate Diaz was recently interviewed, and he complained about the fight as well. He said that he felt like he was being forced into a fight at a higher weight class against a dangerous opponent. Nate does have a point. He has been competing in the UFC’s lightweight division for the last several years. A fight against Matt Brown would be a dangerous and stupid fight to accept. However, Nate Diaz did agree to the challenge when it was offered to him, but because of the feedback from the fans, the fight has been thrown out altogether. Now, Matt Brown will have to face someone else in the near future.

If any Diaz brother is going to face Matt Brown, it should be Nick Diaz, at least according to Paul Mathieson. Nick just fought a tough fight against Anderson Silva, and he even went the distance. Also, Anderson Silva failed a drug test for steroids, which makes Nick’s fight against Anderson even more impressive. Nick Diaz vs. Matt Brown would be a great fight, but it is unlikely to happen because Nick is currently suspended for using marijuana prior to the Silva fight. I’m sure that the UFC has someone in mind for Matt Brown to face. For more information on Matt Brown’s future, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Justin Anderson Chooses the NBA

Virginia’s men’s basketball team was one of the best in the country for the 2014/2015 season, even getting up to the number one overall rating for a time. They ultimately lost a few games and fell behind Kentucky, but they still entered the NCAA tournament as a No. 1 seed. A big part of that success was Justin Anderson, who got an average of 12.2 points in every game he played. He also averaged four rebounds a game. However, he has now stated that he is going to leave the college game behind and go to the NBA in this year’s draft.

It’s an interesting decision because Anderson has been hurt a lot this year. He had to get his appendix taken out and he broke a finger, meaning he missed eight contests overall. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (Ireport) know that even when he was not on the bench, injuries often meant that he was less than 100 percent, and it could mean he will not go in the first round. If not, it may have been smarter to stay at school, stay injury-free for a year, and go to the draft next year.

However, if his workouts go well enough, he could climb back up into that first round. Teams may think that he’s a steal in the late first because they’ll see that he could have done even better than 12.2 points per game if he had been healthy.

Winston Could Be the Next Manziel

It remains to be seen whether Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota will become the number one overall pick in this year’s NFL draft. What also remains to be seen is whether either one of them will have the impact on the NFL as they have on the college grid iron. It is expected that both players, their families, and their prospective teams are hoping for that same level of productivity at the next level, but what usually holds players of their caliber back is not their play on the field but off the field. Take for example Johnny “Football” Manziel…Just like Winston, he showed he was a very talented football player capable of leading his college teammates to victories. But off the field there were warning signs of the person he would be once he was unshackled by the NCAA.

Now with Winston, fans like Sam Tabar know that there are similar concerns. He has been accused of raping a girl but was found not have done anything wrong in once incident, then he was caught stealing from a grocery store for no real apparent reason other than he felt he was entitled and above the rules of the regular public. Some may call this just a character flaw that is immaturity he can grow out of, others would point out that they are indications of a person who will continue to be put in compromising situations that will put his career at risk.

Troy Polamalu Retires From NFL

Troy Polamalu Retires From NFL

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is a sure bet to get into the NFL Hall of Fame. That wait until the big day begins now.

Troy Polamalu has decided to retire from the NFL after spending all twelve of his seasons in the league with the Steelers. This decision here marks the end of a period of uncertainty regarding the safety’s future with the Steelers, who reportedly asked him to retire instead of cutting him. Fans like Christian Broda ( have learned that Polamalu felt as though he didn’t want to play on any other team in the league, since the Steelers were not likely to renew their contract with him. Polamalu is also 33 years old, and with age comes a decrease in player production as well, because he was only able to play 12 games this season due to injuries.

Polamalu was one of the most electric players on the Steelers defense, if not the entire team. In his career he notched eight Pro Bowl appearances with four first-team All Pro mentions, two Super Bowl wins and the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award back in 2010. In addition to his accomplishments, Polamalu has racked up 770 tackles, 12 sacks, 32 interceptions and three touchdowns.

Polamalu has cited wanting to be around his family and his religion as reasons for walking away from the game. During his time he was a hugely exciting player.

UFC Drug Situation Changing For The Better

The year 2014 was the hardest year for the UFC. Many of its top fighters were caught taking steroids or recreational drugs. Fighters such as Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Nick Diaz were all found guilty of taking drugs before prior to their bouts. Those three fighters are among the highest paid athletes in the entire UFC.

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz have since been suspended, but Jon Jones was not. Many people were angered that Jon Jones did not get suspended. However, Jon Jones failed a drug test for cocaine, and for some reason, cocaine is not banned by the Nevada state athletic commission. 2014 changed everything for the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC organization. Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias ( know that the entire drug testing policy of the UFC has since been overhauled. Any fighter that fails a drug test from now on will be suspended for at least two years, and they will also be fined.

The latest UFC event was UFC Fight Night 62, and every single fighter was drug tested. Luckily, every fighter on the event passed their test. UFC Fight Night 62 was the second UFC event in a row that every fighter tested clean. The president of the UFC is very happy with the new direction of his company. For more information on this story, visitYahoo! Sports.

Boxer Drops Phone On Canvas During Fight

Over the years, boxing has produced some strange and controversial moments. However, a bizarre event recently occurred inside the squared circle. A journeyman fighter named Marvis Jones took on rising contender Ramon Luis Nicolas in a ten round fight. What happened in the first round was weird and eyebrow raising. In fact, Bernardo Chua never can remember seeing something similar before.

Marvin Jones bounced around the ring like an unskilled version of Muhammad Ali, but then suddenly something flew out of his pocket and onto the canvas. Referee Frankie Santore Jr. walked over to the fallen object, and then he picked it up. The referee discovered that Marvis Jones’ cell phone had flown out of his pocket. A halt to the action was called, and Marvis Jones apologized to the referee and the crowd.

The fight continued on, and shortly thereafter, Marvis Jones was knocked out. It was no surprise that Marvis lost, but everyone is wondering why Marvis Jones brought a cell phone into the ring in the first place. Maybe he was waiting for an important phone call or something. Also, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of training camp Marvis Jones had for this bout. He was most likely checking his Facebook and Twitter. Marvis Jones will be remembered in boxing history for all of the wrong reasons. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Kentucky Comes Up Short Against Wisconsin

The undefeated winning streak has been snapped. The Wisconsin Badgers handed Kentucky their first lost of the season. Unfortunately for Kentucky, the loss happened at a bad time. Once again, Kentucky fell short of winning the collegiate national basketball championship. Coach Calipari’s dream of guiding an undefeated team to glory was shattered by the Badgers Saturday night.

Many college basketball experts predicted Kentucky to make it to the championship game on Monday night. Kentucky had special talent that attracted the attention of scouts from The National Basketball Association. The team played unselfishly throughout the entire season. It was hard for anyone to imagine the Badgers ending Kentucky’s impressive winning streak.

Fans at Homejoy know that the Wildcats started the game with the same intensity that helped them finish the season without a loss. The Badgers were stunned, but they managed to settle down and regroup during the early part of the first half. Wisconsin successfully played man-to-man defense during the first half. Their defensive scheme allowed them to slow the game down. Wisconsin knew this was their only chance of winning the game.

Wisconsin played aggressively on both ends throughout the entire game. It was a shock for everyone to see the Badgers challenge the Wildcats in every department of the game. The Wildcats made an earnest effort to pull away, but the Badgers were too determined to let the game slip away. The game ended with the Badgers winning by seven points.

Lacrosse: A Growing Sport In Strength, Popularity and Prestige

There is no doubt about the fact that in order for a person to attain the greatest benefits of health and fitness, it is highly recommended for individuals to participate in a sport. Not only do sports promote health and fitness, they also promote discipline, cooperation, determination and many other qualities that ultimately builds a strong character. There are a myriad of sports one can choose from when looking to attain such benefits. One of the fastest growing sports in regards to popularity is lacrosse.

matt landis lacrosse

The game of lacrosse is a team sport that is properly played utilizing a small-sized rubber ball and a long-handled stick that is called a lacrosse stick, or crosse. The sport is often played with contact. The head portion of the lacrosse stick is constructed with a loose mesh material that is specifically designed to catch and grasp onto the ball. The objective of the sport is to score as much as a team can by shooting the ball into their opponent’s goal using the crosse to catch, stick, pass and cradle the ball. The objective of the game is to keep the opposing team from gaining and scoring the ball through the utilization of body contact, positioning and/or stick checking. There are four major types of the sport, including: women’s lacrosse, box lacrosse, men’s field lacrosse and intercrosse. There are four different positions in the sport: goalie, attack, midfield and defense.

Today, lacrosse is a popular team sport that is gaining in its popularity in the North American continent. The sport may have originally developed in 1100 AD among indigenous groups of the continent. It had become a well-established sport in the seventeenth century and was documented by missionary priests of Jesuit in present-day Canada. Since those times, the sport has undergone many different modifications.

Some of the most important aspects of the sport’s strength and growth lie heavily on the players, their beliefs, determination and will. There are hundreds of thousands of lacrosse players all across the world. Among these players is an American from Pelham, New York named Matt Landis. He is most known for his respectable career at the University of Notre Dame.

matt landis lacrosse

In December of 2010, Matt Landis as a sophomore had accepted a scholarship to join the lacrosse team of Notre Dame. He had considered a number of other colleges to play at as well, such as Brown, Navy, Colgate, John Hopkins, and University of massachusetts. He had also held a solid gpa of 3.281 at Mendoza College of Business while training full time in the sport. As a freshman student, Matt ranked number 66 on the “Power 100 Freshmen” listed and 18th as “best defenseman” in the class of 2012. Matt Landis excels at his best as a one on one player and on-ball coverage defender

matt landis sporty