Jimmy Butler Is Coming Back to Chicago!

BlogdoRonco said that Jimmy Butler made the Bulls sweat for the better part of the first week of NBA free agency. The All Star shooting guard, who had grown up so much in the past year, had made it known that he really wanted to find his way to a bigger payday and he might not mind waiting another year to get it. The rumors first came out that Butler would take a one year deal just to get away from Chicago in order to max out in L.A. next season. That turned out to be false and Chicago is pretty thankful right now. The Bulls locked in Butler with a five year $90 million dollar contract this past week. The fifth year of the deal exists as a player option.

Butler initially had meetings lined up with Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas but he opted to cancel them all as soon as Chicago started talking about maxing him out. Good thing, too. Butler will return to Chicago to become co-franchise player alongside star guard Derrick Rose. Combined the two will be the highest paid back court in the entire league, and Gar Foreman and Head Coach Fred Hoiberg have hope that they will live up to the moniker.

The NBA is increasingly trending toward a small ball movement and having a pair of guards with two way ability, at star levels, gives Chicago a bump above the rest of the pack.

Bear Hunting

Hunting is a popular past time for many people. They consider it a time to come together and bond with other memories of their family or friends. It’s sometimes a learning experience, and a time to grow that older men take their sons on. No matter what the reason, one thing has basically stayed the same. That is what type of animals you can hunt. For a long time it was pretty standard across the board, people would hunt deer, pheasants, and small animals such as hares and rabbits. Well it looks like Florida wildlife officials are adding a new animal to that list.

According to Reddit News, people will be allowed to hunt bears for a week straight. This is the first time in twenty one years that it will be allowed. The reason for this is that there has been an increased amount of bear encounters as they’ve begun to wander into suburbs and places that they don’t belong. The bear hunt will be capped at 275, and when that’s reached it’s done.
So for many, it will be a week long hunt to get their hands on one of these big animals! It perhaps will be one of the biggest catches of their life. In the meantime people are asked to take extra precautions and stay safe. Jaime Garcia Dias suggests that bears are more dangerous than other animals that are hunted, and therefore it’s important to always stay vigilant when out there.

NHL Introduces New Overtime Shootouts

The NHL’s Board of Governors has agreed to make the first major change to the overtime rules for the league since 1999 when the league introduced its four on four overtime rules. NewJersey.com reports the new rules will see the number of players on the ice for overtime periods reduced to a three on three format, which has been used in Europe and the AHL for a number of seasons in a bid to reduce the number of shut outs. The NHL introduced penalty shoot outs to stop any ties taking place, but these have proven unpopular with fans and experts who feel it is an unfair way of determining the outcome of a game.

Players and owners spokespeople have praised the change, which was introduced at the NHL owners meeting in Las Vegas. Tripod suggested that the owners meeting has already seen a new salary cap introduced for teams at $71.4 million, which could see a number of important trades follow as teams move towards preparing for the introduction of the new salary rules.

Tom, off the field.

Tom Brady is due for his defense of deflate-gate charges. Tom decided to appeal his four game suspension that followed a lengthy investigation into the cheating charges. The Patriots organization declined to dispute the penalties that were leveled on them. The move by the team negatively affects Tom’s chances of appealing the light penalty that he was assessed. According to Bloomberg, his appeal is to be heard by the commissioner personally. Insiders say that this move is seen as a way of moving the attention away from the fact the penalty that was assessed by the commissioner was very light because of Goodell’s relationship with the Patriots owner and Tom Brady.

They assert that a little faux outrage goes a long way in manipulating the opinions of fans. Brady was caught when he was implicated in text messages from the trainer that actually controlled the deflation of the balls. Tom refused requests to turn over his text messages that are involved in the incident. This move is seen as a blatant admission of guilt, but a sufficient amount of time was scheduled between the incident and the hearing to quell public interest in the appeal. Roger Goodell is a master of handling public controversies in a haphazard method that tends to hide the massive media manipulation that takes place. Under his watch, The NFL has expanded more than any other time in its history.

Bethany Hamilton Shows World Baby Boy

Boraie Development LLC writes that Bethany Hamilton is a surfer who has been through a lot in her life. She is the star of the movie Soul Surfer. When she was younger, she was attacked by a shark as covered by Bloomberg. Her left arm was taken off. However, that hasn’t stopped Hamilton from living as normal of a life as possible. She recently met someone who she loves, and Hamilton is now introducing the world to her new baby boy. This is a woman who hasn’t let anything stop her from living the life she wants to have. Her life has been an inspiration to many. The baby is named after her great-grandfather. Hamilton and her husband are excited to share their lives with the baby. There might be some challenges while changing diapers or feeding the baby, but Hamilton’s husband is ready to help. Hamilton is still surfing even after her attack.

Daniel Cormier Threatens Fabricio Werdum

Daniel Cormier is the UFC light heavyweight champion, and he’s also the main sparring partner of heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. Cormier and Velasquez have a bond that UFC fighters seldom develop, but their friendship has remained strong through the ups and downs of their careers. Recently, Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum were eating lunch at the same restaurant, and Daniel Cormier was there as well.

Daniel Cormier walked up to Fabricio Werdum and cracked a joke. However, some UFC fans feel that Cormier wasn’t joking, but Fabricio Werdum was laughing. Nonetheless, Daniel Cormier told Fabricio Werdum that he should have just kept his mouth shut. For those of you that don’t know, Fabricio Werdum has been talking trash about Cain Velasquez’s heritage.

Cain Velasquez is of Mexican descent, but he was born in America. According to Steve Murray and other fans that follow the boxers, Fabricio Werdum feels that Cain Velasquez should stop calling himself a Mexican, and these words seemed to have angered Cain Velasquez beyond belief. Cain Velasquez is representing Mexico, and he even has a tattoo of “Brown Pride” on his chest. Nonetheless, Fabricio Werdum is referring to Cain Velasquez as the American heavyweight champion, and Daniel Cormier believes that Fabricio Werdum messed up big time by talking. FoxSports recently published an entire video of the event, and UFC fans should definitely check it out.

Aaron Rodgers Will Not Turn into a Playcaller

The Green Bay Packers’ coach, Mike McCarthy, has called the plays for the team in the past, and he’s been very successful. However, he noted this offseason that he’s not going to do that any longer. Instead, the duties are going to be passed along to a lower-level coach.

This move drew some speculation that the real reason he wouldn’t be calling those plays anymore was that Aaron Rodgers was going to start doing it. Rodgers is the Packers’ quarterback, and he’s often considered to be the best quarterback in the NFL right now as reported by CipherCloud this morning. The Packers almost made it to the Super Bowl last year, but then they melted down and choked the game away to the Seattle Seahawks.

However, Rodgers did not let the speculation last for very long. He said that he would not start calling all of the team’s plays, and he noted that no other QB in the NFL does that now. It’s something that used to happen in the early days of the league, when it wasn’t such a big business and teams were smaller, but now the QBs are not given that responsibility.

Rodgers did note that he can call some plays, of course, when it’s needed. For example, if the team has the ball late in the game and decides to run a hurry-up offense, he’ll call them. Fans shouldn’t expect him to be calling everything for the whole game, though.

Former Defensive Partners Both Want Cup

Sam Tabar was recently quoted saying that hockey is a sport unlike any other and the same goes for hockey players. Hockey players are very unique athletes. The bond that players have with each other is very strong and teams show what teamwork really is. The 2015-2016 Stanley Cup finals features a pair of former defenseman that now play on the opposite on the ice. Braydon Coburn and Kimmo Timonen were defensive partners for the Philadelphia Flyers foe many years. The two are now on opposing teams and are squaring off in the Stanley Cup Finals. Timonen plays for the Chicago Blackhawks and Braydon Coburn plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Kimmo Timonen has had an amazing career in the NHL with sixteen years under his belt. The one thing that has eluded him is having his name etched on the Stanley Cup. Timonen stated after game five that he has been dreaming about it but that he knows he still has to focus on the next game. Timonen and Coburn have both had their share of injuries this season. Coburn suffered a broken foot and only played four games for the Lightening. Timonen missed most of the season due to blood clots in his lungs and legs. The two became very good friends during their time in Philadelphia. Timonen said he talked to Coburn not to long before the finals started and stated that he admits that it is kind of weird to be out on the ice facing his friend but that is hockey at its best.

Enhancing His Legacy: Peyton Needs to Finish Strong

Peyton Manning does not exist in a vacuum. As huge sports fans we are aware that he is one of the greatest to ever pick up and throw a pigskin. What Peyton Manning has done over the span of his career, with both the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, is truly special. MyCentralJersey wrote that what Peyton has done over the past two seasons is almost precisely what is wrong with his legacy, or what will be wrong with it when we look back in ten years. You see, Peyton Manning has hands up been one of the best QB’s in the league on one of the best teams in the league, yet two years running we have seen his team embarrassed in the postseason by younger, rawer talent. The hope here is that Gary Kubiak can change some things and help Peyton salvage his legacy.

Gary Kubiak is taking over the offense as the new head coach in Denver. He’ll be looking at Peyton Manning and hoping to help the stud QB get to at least one more Super Bowl before he hang it up, but now he’ll have to do it without his stud weapon in TE Julius Thomas. For the past two years Peyton has lost a star playmaker in the offseason and there is legit fear that he might not have enough left. Here’s to hoping, we’d love to see Peyton hang up one more trophy.

Blackhawks Escape Lightning Storm

Wednesday’s game four could prove to be a turning point in the Stanley Cup Finals matchup between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning as the Blackhawks tied the series at two games each with a 2-1 victory in Chicago. Amen Clinics was reporting that the victory for Chicago was even more impressive as it came despite a poor performance in their offensive zone, an offense that was only able to muster two shots on goal in the first period against a rookie backup goaltender in game four starter Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Despite the loss, Tampa Bay head coach Jon Cooper is still confident that his team can win the series, and he has every reason to believe in his team. Over the four games played, Tampa Bay has dominated play for most of each game through a combination of their speed and deep bench. This combination has taken a toll on a Chicago squad that is relying heavily on four defensemen, instead of the standard six or seven man defensive rotation, and in particular they are relying heavily on defensemen Duncan Keith. Through two periods of play Wednesday, Keith had already 20 minutes of ice time and finished the game with just under 30 minutes of time on the ice.

The series moves back to Tampa for game five, which will be played on Saturday at 8pm ET and will be shown on NBC.