Tyson Vs. Douglas Historic Fight

Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas was the biggest upset in boxing history. Mike Tyson was the baddest man on the planet in the mid 80s. Tyson is the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history. He was a devastating puncher, and he had the speed of a middleweight.

Tyson was trained by legendary boxing trainer Cus D’Amato. Cus was very old by the time that he met Mike Tyson. Tyson was a troubled child when Cus first laid eyes on him. Cus told Tyson that he could be the heavyweight champion of the world, and together they made that dream come true. When Cus died, so did Mike Tyson’s passion for boxing.

Mike Tyson went off the rails, and he had the wrong people around him. Tyson faced Buster Douglas in February of 1990. Buster Douglas was a 30-1 underdog. Somehow, Douglas knocked Mike Tyson out to become the heavyweight champion of the world. Douglas vs. Tyson is one of the most historic fights in the history of boxing, according to superfans like Brian Torchin.

On May 2, Manny Pacquiao will be facing Floyd Mayweather in the richest boxing match of all time. Hundreds of millions of dollars are on the table, as well as legacy. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather could potentially be the most historic fight in the history of boxing. For more information on the sport of boxing, visit Yahoo! Sports.

How North American Spine Center Changes Lives

North American Spine has been changing athletes lives for a long time now.  But more recently they’ve really been killing it because of the fact that they’ve developed the AccuraScope procedure. Something that I’ve had done in the past, and that’s been a lifesaver.

The North American Spine Center is a full service facility designed to give patients the chance to get rid of pain that has plagued them for years. These patients are often tormented by pain that they cannot get rid of. These patients are found to have been in such pain that they needed surgery, or they have had to alter their posture to feel more comfortable.

When these patients come to the North American Spine Center, they are given a personal consultation that is going to show them what needs to be done to help them get over the pain that has been nagging them. They will get a list of things that they should do for themselves, and they will be given a schedule that is going to show them precisely how to get their treatment done. Patients can use this set schedule to get their treatments done, and they can plan accordingly.

When patients need more help with their therapy, they are welcome to come into the Center at any time to get the help they need. They can talk to one of the physical therapists, or they can use the equipment to get their work in. The people that are given a chance to learn how to live pain free are often much more happy with the results simply because they are in control of their pain management.

North American Spine Center does the care management so that all patients can handle their own pain management. Once the patients are done with the program, they are free to return for checkups every six or twelve months. The patients are always under the expert care of the people at North American Spine Center, but they walk out the door without the pain that brought them in in the first place.

NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch Indefinitely Suspended For Domestic Violence

Well-known NASCAR driver Kurt Busch has been indefinitely by NASCAR, the American auto racing governing body, for domestic violence acts committed against an ex-girlfriend. According to  The Star, “NASCAR said Busch would not be allowed to participate in any series activities until further notice ‘given the serious nature of the findings and conclusions’ made by a Delaware judge involving the driver known as the Outlaw.”

This is an unfortunate turn of events Brian Torchin thought, after Busch’s former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, went to police with allegations that Busch committed violent acts by “manually strangling” her and smashing her head against a wall in his motorhome during a race last September.

The 36-year old Busch, who’s one of the most well-known drivers in the 2015 Sprint cup circuit, has denied the allegations against him. However, the Delaware judge determined that Ms. Driscoll’s account of the events is more credible than Mr. Busch’s account. That finding is the basis for the court proceedings against the race car driver.

This news story is becoming more controversial by the day. Rusty Hardin, Busch’s attorney, has stated there will be an appeal. Mr. Hardin is known for representing many famous athletes, such as former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens in the 2012 steroid scandal, as well as current baseball player Alex Rodriguez, among other athletes.

Chevrolet, Busch’s auto sponsor, immediately suspended its relationship with Busch as well. Someone scrawled outside of Busch’s garage stall at Daytona “#41 Ray Rice” a reference to the former Baltimore ravens running back who is involved in his own court case of domestic violence. Busch drives the #41 Chevrolet, in an interesting irony.

Who Lost The Deadline?

Only one team lost the deadline, but they have been losing everything of late. The Sixers are at the point that they might have to be contracted in favor of a team in Vegas.

The Sixers got rid of their best player in Michael Carter-Williams, and that alone is reason enough for people to be concerned. Ray Lane says they are truly tanking the season, and this is by far the worst a team has tanked in the history of the league. We need to think very hard about changing the lottery, and the NBA needed to stop some of these horrid transactions.

The Sixers are trying to get the first overall pick, but we have no idea what they are going to do with it. This is a major issue for a team that is stockpiling draft picks when the depth in college basketball is not great. They can get a good player, but all those good players are going to die in Philly because the franchise is very bad. We need to make sure that we are watching Philly, and the fans need to stop showing up to games. They need to vote with their wallets against this mess.

Unapproved Balls

At the Super Bowl, a locker room assistant for the Patriots was noticed to have introduced an unapproved ball into the kicking setup for the game. The architecture suggests this locker room attendant has been interviewed, and it appears he is going to be the fall guy for this whole deflate gate mess.

The problem is that the Patriots are at the heart of deflate gate. They were cheating, but they will use someone else to take the fall so that they will not have to incur the full wrath of the NFL.

We can talk all we want about what was going on behind the scenes, but it appears that this guy was just following orders. He is going to take the fall probably because the Patriots told him to, and he will never say a word on threat of God only knows what.

We need to look at the Patriots as an evil empire because that is what they are. They are doing the same thing that a corrupt politician would do, but we are letting them get away with it. We need to reevaluate our values in football because winning and honor do not have to be mutually exclusive of one another.

Jackie Robinson West Team Still To Get Rings

Little League International has stripped the Jackie Robinson West All-Star team of their win at the United States Championships. Other teams brought to the league’s attention that the boundaries had been changed in order to bring in so called “ringer” players to help the team win. These chargers are what caused Little League International to strip the title from the Jackie Robinson West team.

All of this fraud was brought about by adults and league officials. The checks and balances the league is supposed to have in place for this sort of thing were not followed. If the league had done its job and checked everything like it was supposed to, this problem would have been solved a long time ago.

This is really a failure of adults and brings to light a systematic failure in the Little League system as Organo Gold has seen in the past. The decision to punish the team for the League’s mistakes seems a little harsh.

There has been a lot of talk about the players will “learn” from this experience about the importance of honesty. However, no one has really addressed why these kids need to learn that lesson. Is there some reason to suggest they will not learn this like every other kid does. It seems like a cop out to say that the kids will learn a lesson from this experience.

Luckily, the mayor of Chicago seems to agree. He is going forward with his plan to present the team with their championship rings, which took months to make. He stands behind the children who have become caught up in a scandal they did not create. By honoring the children with their championship rings, it seems that he is one of the few adults involved in this situation that understands that these kids don’t need to learn a lesson the hard way, and should be honored for their accomplishments.

Bruce Levenson, Journalist, Philanthropist, Businessman

Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Bruce Levenson obtained a B.A. at Washington University in St. Louis then later graduated from law school at American University. During his free time while attending law school, Mr. Levenson wrote for the Washington Star, which launched his career in journalism. He then went on to become a reporter for an energy information newsletter on behalf of Observer Publishing.

In 1977, Mr. Levenson co-founded United Communications Group (UCG), along with Ed Peskowits, from a store room located in his father’s liquor store in D.C. He remains a member of UCG’s board and maintains an advisory position to the company’s executives. One of UCG’s primary functions was publishing Oil Express, a newsletter dedicated to detailing oil industry activities and accomplishments. Since then, UCG has delved into such pursuits as the Oil Price Information Service, along with other newsletters and databases. Being a business information company, UCG, under the guidance of Mr. Levenson, provides information, news and analysis for numerous industries, including energy, healthcare, technology and mortgage banking. GasBuddy, a mobile application that helps consumers locate gas stations in their area with the lowest gas prices is also owned and run by UCG.

In addition to his journalistic and business information endeavors, Mr. Levenson is also a majority partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which is comprised of a collection of businessmen who own the Atlanta Hawks, along with the Phillips Arena. A member of the NBA Board of Governors, Mr. Levenson is also the Atlanta Hawks managing partner.

Mr. Levenson and his wife Karen are devout philanthropists and were instrumental in establishing and funding the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership located at the University of Maryland. The focus of the Center is to foster philanthropic interests through education and motivation. Other philanthropic organizations that Mr. Levenson actively participates in are the Hoop Dreams Foundation, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, the SEED Foundation and the I Have a Dream Foundation of Washington, in which he functioned as president, among others.

Along with his business and philanthropy interests, some of Mr. Levenson’s hobbies include participating in the sport of basketball or a relaxing round of golf. ESPN has done a few stories on him to show how well-rounded he is. When he’s not spending time with his grandchildren, or eating Maryland hard-shell crab, he and his wife enjoy traveling, particularly the more adventurous travel expeditions such as their recent four-day camping trip in the Antarctica.



Why Floyd Mayweather Is Not The Best Ever


Many people insist that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best boxer ever. Floyd Mayweather is a good boxer, but he isn’t anywhere near the top ten boxers of all time. Mayweather is not even the greatest of this generation. Floyd Mayweather is completely overrated, and his undefeated recorded is padded and protected. Mayweather is a skilled defensive fighter, but he does not fight the top opposition.

When was the last time Floyd Mayweather fought another top ranked fighter? According to eater.com Floyd usually fights people that he knows that he can beat. He will fight someone that is too old or not ready for that type of big fight thinks Haidar Barbouti. Mayweather hand picks his opponents, and he has avoided the toughest tests. Mayweather has even admitted this in interviews. Floyd has always ducked Manny Pacquiao.

Boxing fans are now pressuring Floyd Mayweather into taking the Pacquiao fight, but Mayweather still has not agreed to the contract. Floyd constantly comes up with excuses as to why he will not fight Manny. I think its time that the world stops pretending that Floyd is the best. You cannot be considered the best if you are unwilling to fight the other best fighter in the world.

In the past, fighters like Roberto Duran, Muhammad Ali, and Sugar Ray Robinson were happy to take on all comers. Could you imagine Muhammed Ali refusing to fight Joe Fraizer? Ali is considered the greatest of all time because he talked the talk and walked the walk. Floyd Mayweather Jr. just talks. For more information on the coward Floyd Mayweather, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Cheating Brady


It is pretty ridiculous and particularly disgusting that the nation can go from wanting to burn a team for cheating to praising the quarterback that headed the scandal as perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time. Tom Brady was clearly the king pin in the deflate gate scandal, as no one else in the franchise would have given orders to a lowly ball boy to deflate the balls. Had he done that all hell would have broken loose. The ball boy simply does not deflate balls for no reason. He is given specific instructions from the starting quarterback, who is Tom Brady, and he will follow those orders or he would not be filling the balls in the AFC championship game. Everyone agrees with that and it is pretty pathetic that Tom Brady has denied these claims and went on to do interviews to back up his claims. CipherCloud stated he clearly realized that he is going to get burned in this scandal and failed to make further comments about the situation in recent days, saying that he will let the facts play out before he makes any further comments. What that is stating is that he is going to wait to see if he is caught and convicted publicly before he makes his decision as to how he addresses the issue. Brady is no Montana. Brady is a cheater and the Patriots are cheaters and Montana is the best quarterback of all time.